Student Employment

The Physics Department employs about 5-10 physics students each semester (depending on the allocated lab-aide/work study budget). The hiring preference is for students that are recommended by the physics faculty. Nearly all positions will be assigned to work for the Physics Department Storeroom. You may directly contact Thomas Dodge, Physics Lab Manager preferably in the beginning of each semester. Duties include putting up and taking down lab setups, repairing lab equipment, and working on projects as needed. If selected, then Mr. Dodge will give you the follow-up hiring procedure.

Student peer tutors are not employed by the Physics Department, but students who have earned an "A" or "B" in one or more physics courses may be hired by the Learning Assistance Center (LAC).

For other student employment opportunities, it is advised that you check out additional information at the Office of On-Campus Student Employment.

Faculty and Staff Employment

Please go to the Human Resources website to obtain the latest job listings. You may also contact the Physics Department Chair, Stephen Swingle.