There are several scholarship opportunities for math students every semester. For more information and to see lists of past winners, please click on the links below:


The Carl Royce Memorial Scholarship was established by Dana Simmons Royce in memory of her husband, a former student at City College of San Francisco.

Award:  One $50 scholarship is awarded each semester.

Requirements:  Preference will be given to students with demonstrated financial need.  Additionally, recipients of this scholarship must:

  1. have completed at least three math courses at CCSF,
  2. have a GPA of at least 3.5 in all math courses taken at CCSF, and
  3. be continuing studies at CCSF the following semester.

Past Winners: Lucas Lee (Fall 2023), Isaac Boss (Spring 2023), Sangwook Park (Fall 2022), Juan Elias (Spring 2022), Albertina Lee (Fall 2021), Heizel Chan (Spring 2021), Giulia Fanchin (Fall 2020), Ciaran Quan (Spring 2020), Luis Gonzalez Morales (Fall 2019), Guojian Liu (Spring 2019), Kathy Huang (Spring 2018), Kevin Yee (Fall 2017), Matthew Farrer (Spring 2017), Yahor Yuzefovich (Spring 2016), Jordan MacHardy (Spring 2015), William Sprecher (Fall 2014), Meliza Gough (Spring 2014), Segev Malool (Fall 2013), Emily Benjamin (Spring 2013), Abigail Edwards (Fall 2012), Sampson Yip (Spring 2012), Daniel Delage (Fall 2011), Huyen Lai (Spring 2011), Eugene Malikin (Fall 2010), Erni Ali (Spring 2010), Son Thai (Fall 2009), Kyle Barbour (Spring 2009), Wen Shuo Huang (Fall 2008), Michael Bollinger (Spring 2008), Robert Suehiro (Fall 2007), Yuanshenz Du (Spring 2007), Suet Ying Lo (Fall 2006), Peter Kanai (Spring 2006), Guanxi Chen (Fall 2005), Donna Wong (Spring 2005), James Martin (Fall 2004), Nancy Foster (Spring 2003), Steven Tin (Spring 2002), Wenji Lu (Fall 2001), Hana Ibrahim (Spring 2001), Peter Mu (Fall 2000), Su Su Myo (Spring 2000), Andrew Haskins (Fall 1999), Irina Shapoval (Spring 1999), Anatoliy Neymark (Fall 1998), Andy Mai (Spring 1998), Lisseth Sanchez (Fall 1997), David Gonzales (Spring 1997), Gabrielle Li (Fall 1996), Shiyan Cao (Spring 1996), Mollie McAllister (Fall 1995), Chuang Cai Li (Spring 1995), Margaret Ghuman (Fall 1994), Richard Scott Graham (Spring 1994), Chanh Pham (Fall 1993), Chi Chan (Spring 1993), Chi Chan (Fall 1992), Jeanette Luo (Spring 1992), Dean Leto (Fall, 1991), Jian Hua Lin (Spring 1991), Huy Nguyen (Fall 1990), Linda Lee (Spring 1990), Ben Sheng (Fall, 1989), Quang Dinh (Spring 1988), Rachel Rose (Fall 1987), Wai Yee Ng (Spring 1987), Diane Bailey (Spring 1986). 

Information on these scholarships, which are provided by the California Mathematics Council Community Colleges (CMC3), can be found here:

Past Winners: Tiffany Huang (Spring 2019), Huiting Zheng (Spring 2012), Qiao Nan Ruan (Spring 2009), Guanxi Chen (Spring 2006), Pamela Aller (Spring 2003), Eva Agus (Spring 1998).

The Frank Cerrato Memorial Scholarship was established by the Mathematics Department faculty.  Frank Cerrato was born and raised in San Francisco, graduated from Washington High, attended City College of San Francisco, served in the U.S. Navy, and received his mathematics degrees from San Francisco State University.  Mr. Cerrato was a member of the City College Mathematics Department from 1966 to 1996, was the department chair from 1982 to 1988, and served as the second president of the Department Chairpersons Council.

Award:  $300 scholarships awarded each spring semester.

Requirements:  Recipients of this scholarship must have:

  1. an overall GPA at CCSF of at least 3.0,
  2. completed at least 24 units at CCSF,
  3. be enrolled in at least 6 units at CCSF,
  4. at least a 3.0 GPA in all math courses taken at CCSF,
  5. completed at least 3 math courses at CCSF with a grade of C or higher, and
  6. intend to pursue a career in teaching mathematics.

Application Process:  Students must submit the following to the Mathematics Department:

  1. a CCSF scholarship application form (available in 366 Batmale Hall),
  2. two letters of recommendation,
  3. a personal statement,
  4. an unofficial transcript and a listing of courses in progress, and
  5. an essay, no longer than one type-written page, addressing the following:  One of the challenges facing today's math teachers is motivating students who have never had a positive experience learning math.  How do you think that you will be able to make a difference as a math teacher so that your students will be excited about math and successful in their courses?

Past Winners: Ting Lyu, Vishal Duggal (Spring 2019); Liya Li (Spring 2017); Vanusa de Melo Cardosa (2016); Vanusa de Melo Cardosa, Sharon Shatterly (2015); Jessica Frenkel, Xiao Hui "Harry" Huang (2014); Lina Zhou (2013); Nathan Bridges, Fong Chin, Hospicio Yballe III (2011); Shuwei Wang (2010)

The Kerkhof Scholarship was established by Mr. and Mrs. Leo M. Kerkhof.  Mrs. Kerkhof was a member of the City College of San Francisco Mathematics Department from 1945 through 1973.

Award:  One $450 scholarship is awarded each semester.

Requirements:  Preference will be given to students with demonstrated financial need.  Additionally, recipients of this scholarship must:

  1. have completed at least 30 semester units at CCSF,
  2. have completed at least two math courses at CCSF,
  3. have completed Math 110B or a higher course and be enrolled in Math 110C or a higher course,
  4. have at least a 3.5 GPA in all math courses taken at CCSF, and
  5. be continuing studies at CCSF or be transferring to a four-year college or university the following semester.

Application Process:  Students do not apply for this scholarship; they must be nominated by a faculty member.

Past Winners: Andrew Mikal (Fall 2023), Chloe Tucker (Spring 2023), Min Jiang (Fall 2022), Rodrigo Cruz (Spring 2022), Erik Cedarblade (Fall 2021), Shaikh Ali (Sprign 2021), Chris Kim (Fall 2020), Anara Myrzabekova (Spring 2020), Emelia Baumann (Fall 2019), Daniel Cooper (Spring 2019), Gilbert Shaeffer (Fall 2018), Amber Skutelsky (Spring 2018), Oranuch Tangdechavut (Fall 2017), Joseph Jensen (Spring 2017), Robert Pascua (Spring 2016), Paul Kassianik (Fall 2015), Anita Chong (Spring 2015), Hee Young Cho (Fall 2014), Man Yuk "April" Tsui (Spring 2014), Xiao Hui "Harry" Huang (Fall 2013), Eun Jin Kim (Spring 2013), Michael Coe (Fall 2012), Khin May Tun (Spring 2012), Julie Come (Fall 2011), Phyo Kyaw (Spring 2011), Jacqueline Goldstein (Fall 2010), Yan Cao (Spring 2010), Zaw Htet (Fall 2009), Xuan Wang (Spring 2009), Thu Trinh (Fall 2008), Myo Nyi Nyi (Spring 2008), Shuang Zhang (Fall 2007), Lyubov Kassianik (Spring 2007), Truong Van Cao (Fall 2006), Xiaoman Lin (Spring 2006), Samuel Halverson (Fall 2005), Minyoung Lee (Spring 2005), Yilun Hu (Fall 2004), Daniel Meisenhoelder (Spring 2004), Rikiya Yoshida (Fall 2003), Steven Tin (Spring 2002), Manolo Maynor (Fall 2000), Ming Mak Chan (Spring 2000), Dmitriy Ivanov (Fall 1999), Yuwadee Limdulpaiboon (Spring 1999), John D'India (Fall 1998), Sarah Carr (Spring 1998) Mark Massey (Fall 1997),Jeannette Martinez (Spring 1997), Kirsten Leisung (Spring 1996), An Truong (Fall 1995), Bik Mei "Wendy" Ng (Spring 1994), Betty Chang & Thuy Mai Thi Nguyen (Spring 1992), Irena Pozdnyakova (Spring 1990), Kin Lum (Spring 1988), Meng-Qi Zhao (Spring 1986), Katherine Li (Spring 1984), Susan Truong (Spring 1982). 

In 1989, the Mathematics Department faculty established this fund for scholarships honoring achievement in mathematics.

Award:  One $300 and two $100 scholarships are awarded each semester.

Requirements:  Recipients of these scholarships must:

  1. have completed at least two math courses at CCSF, including Math 110A or higher,
  2. have completed Math 110B or higher or be enrolled in Math 110C or higher,
  3. have at least a 3.5 GPA in all math courses taken at CCSF, and
  4. be continuing studies at CCSF or be transferring to a four-year college or university the following year.

Application Process:  Students do not apply for this scholarship; they must be nominated by a faculty member.

Past Winners: Zhiheng He, Jeslyn Gao (Fall 2023), Brianna Senchyna, Isaac Boss, Zhiren Zheng (Spring 2023), Abigail Calderon, Meredith Ruiz, Iryna Pasishnychenko (Fall 2022), Hamed Djouadi, Seraphima Kassianik, Jose Maalihan (Spring 2022), Wilson Tse, Huaqiang Ye, Nikolai Bashkyrov (Fall 2021), Maya Gee, Richard Lo, Jasmine Lee (Spring 2021), Elisabeth Star Snider, Santiago Ricci Justo, Hongye Xu (Fall 2020), Seraphima Kassianik, Jiaxiang Li, Felix Rojas (Spring 2020), Xiaoyan Ma, Alex Ness, Halyna Demyaniv (Fall 2019), Yejun Lee, Patrick Jang, Sangwook Park (Spring 2019); Bryton Foster, Tiffany Huang, Serena Li (Fall 2018); Mei Ho, Kyle Humphrey, Brian Kwon (Spring 2018); Melissa Ho, Phyo Khine, Ardrian Wong (Fall 2017); Jessica Agnos, Matthew Farrer, Gregory Han (Spring 2017), Wen Liu, Richard Khillah, Jorim Olaso (Spring 2016), Chin Ya Huang, Jiajun Liang, Robert Ursua (Fall 2015), Virginia Yan (Spring 2015), Djobi Rojas, YiTong Pan, Julius Terek-Nojd (Fall 2014); Tung Tung Ouyang, Hyejeong "Sophia" Woo, Gabriel Elvin (Spring 2014); Barrie Diggs, Abigail Edwards, Rongrong Liu (Fall 2013); August Meissner, Nicolas Dyer (Spring 2013); Lindsay Long, Michael Theorides, Yuli Zhang (Fall 2012); Chau Giang, Derek Zheng, Alexander Lopez (Spring 2012); Baljot Singh, Yuet Ying Liu, Huyen Lai (Fall 2011); Dmitriy Smaliah, Xiao Hui Huang, Fong Chin (Spring 2011); Vu Nguyen, Peng Huang, Nathan Bridge (Fall 2010); Guoxiong Xie, Hang Jin, Wenshan Li (Spring 2010); Xuan Wang, Mei Xuan, Phuong Nguyen (Fall 2009); Novalia Pishesha, Zaw Htet, Joo Eun Lee (Spring 2009); Yuval Porat, Shuyin Lu, Scott Brady (Fall 2008); Suckgeun Lee, Junrong Li, Jack Love (Sprint 2008); Kyounghee Seo, Diana Louie, Chau-Giang Thai (Fall 2007); Fei Yu, Feng Guan, Giorgio De Vera (Spring 2007); Yi Xian Mai, Eric Westling, Lyubov Kassianik (Fall 2006); Zexi Yan, Zu Huang, Guan Quan Liu (Spring 2006); Johnson Tuanmu, Fang Lee, Andre Seibel (Fall 2005); Jose Aliaga-Caro, Clarissa Calderon-Meza, Meiching Fong (Spring 2005); Yuan Yuan, Thet Ni Lin, Heng Kuang (Fall 2004); Wiyu Wang, Heung Kei Lai, Clara Chan (Spring 2004); Vadim Krifuks, Tian Yu Dong (Fall 2003); Pamela Aller, Wei Xu, Cuichang Zhao (Spring 2003); Hana Ibrahim (Fall 2002); Anh Le, Ying Chen, Katsufumi Araki (Spring 2002); Yan Huang, Shih-Chieh Han, David Hua (Fall 2001); Teng "Mike" Gao, Robert Frederick, Jason Lockwood (Spring 2001); Marcia Crump, Guinevera Doner, Angela Luong (Fall 2000); Hing-Man Moy, Marie Chan (Spring 2000); David Kou, Devin Russell, Irina Shapoval (Fall 1999); Karen Lynsey Parker, Bassam Bayad, Wan Han Chua (Spring 1999); Benjamin Schein, Derrill Dabkoski, David Gonzales (Fall 1998); Weijie Ye, John D'India, Wing Zin Low (Spring 1998) Christopher Pack, Kar Ming Tang, Branka Kovacevic (Fall 1997); Yu Iu, Lisa Tsui, Yen Bach Nguyen (Fall 1996); Shahzad Khalid, Mandy Pang, Fang Liu (Spring 1996); Shiyan Cao, Aaron Lee, Loi Lam (Fall 1995); Jia Cheng Huang, Minh Dang, Raymond Wong (Spring 1995); Thi Truong, Tanya Trilessky, Joseph Han (Fall 1994); Sergey Kirshner, Bichtram Huynh Nguyen, Zhou Wang (Spring 1994); Kai Ying, Dean Leto, Sophanie Lim (Fall 1993); Jeannette Luo, Chan Quang Pham, Genevieve Munsey (Spring 1993); Dong Wu Zhao, Allan von Herrmann, Wing Yee Leung (Fall 1992); Ilya Vinarsky, Daisy Araica, Johnathan Hsieh (Spring 1992); Jean Zheng, Peter Ho, Si Son Mui (Fall 1991); Wells Yong Chi, Daisy Araica, Zheming Li (Spring 1991); Susan Rosen, Chi Kong Chan, Linda Lee (Fall 1990); Ben Sheng, Po Leung, Edmond Tan (Spring 1990). 

If you have questions about CCSF Mathematics Department scholarships, please contact the department's scholarship committee chair Jamey Bass (Batmale 758)

There are many City College scholarship opportunities outside of the Mathematics Department. For information on other CCSF scholarships, please visit the City College Scholarship Office.