Math Courses & Programs for All Levels & Majors

The CCSF Math Department offers basic preparatory (pre-transfer) courses, an Associate Degree for Transfer for math majors, and three pathways for you to complete your general education requirements.

Pathway 1: STEM majors
Pathway 2: Majors that require Stats
Pathway 3: Majors that only require Liberal Arts Math

Satisfy Your Math Requirement

The Math class you take to satisfy transfer and/or program requirements depends on your major and your math placement. Use our tools to help you determine which math class you need to take! 

How to Choose a CCSF Math Course

Math Major: Associate in Science Degree in Mathematics for Transfer

Mathematical ability and analytical reasoning are among the most marketable skills in today’s economy. This degree is designed to provide you with a sufficient understanding of mathematical concepts, skills, and applications to succeed in upper-division coursework in math at a four-year college or university. 

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