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Course Guidance

General Education Course Guidance

The math class you take to satisfy transfer and/or program requirements depends on your major and your math placement. Use our tools to help determine which math class you need to take!

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Degree Options

Associate in Science Degree in Mathematics for Transfer

Mathematical ability and analytical reasoning are among the most marketable skills in today’s economy. This Mathematics AS-T in Mathematics is designed to provide you with a sufficient understanding of mathematical concepts, skills, and applications to succeed in upper-division coursework at a four-year college or university.

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Associate in Science Degree in Data Science

The Associate of Science in Data Science degree is designed to provide students with a sufficient understanding of concepts in the fields of Mathematics, Data Science, and Computer Science to succeed in upper-division coursework in Data Science at a four-year college or university.

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Student Inclusion Statement

We believe that all students, from all backgrounds and abilities, can succeed in mathematics. We recognize that many students struggle in mathematics and have faced significant barriers preventing them from realizing their full potential, and we believe that the practices we use in the classroom can lower those barriers. Every student has a different set of needs and a different set of strengths. We strive to understand those needs and provide a classroom experience that allows all students to successfully apply their unique strengths.

Towards that end, we will continuously reflect on and refine our classroom practices with a better awareness of our own backgrounds, and the backgrounds of our students. We will dedicate ourselves to providing our students with positive experiences in mathematics, and creating a safe, welcoming, inspiring, and collaborative community in our classrooms. We will also engage in the community of our colleagues to support each other in studying, sharing, and implementing more equitable ways of delivering curriculum, assessing students, and developing classroom culture.