About Data Science

The Associate of Science in Data Science degree is designed to provide students with sufficient understanding of concepts in the fields of Mathematics, Data Science, and Computer Science to succeed in upper division coursework in Data Science at a four-year college or university.

The field of Data Science is one with a multitude of employment opportunities. Completing this degree will aid students in developing a wide variety of skills that are valuable in collaborative Data Science work environments. Students who complete this degree stand to improve their employment prospects in the field of Data Science, but also in many applied fields, such as Biology, Sociology, or Finance.

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Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Apply analytical concepts and techniques from statistics, probability, calculus, and linear algebra to problems in the field of Data Science.
  • Create computer programs that use common data structures.
  • Analyze data and communicate the analysis using industry-standard applications.
  • Integrate analytical and computational techniques using data from a domain of interest.

Program Options

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Course Required for the Associate of Science (AS) in Data Science

Course Number Course Title Units Notes
MATH 110A Calculus I 5  
MATH 110B Calculus II 5  
MATH 120 Linear Algebra 3  

Total Units: 13 

Choose one of the following

Course Number Course Title Units Notes
MATH 108 Foundations of Data Science* 5  
ECON 5 Introductory Statistics for Economics, Business and Social Sciences ** 5  
LALS 5 Introduction to Statistical Methods in Latin American and Latino/a Studies 5  
MATH 80 Probability and Statistics 5  
PSYC 5 Statistics for Behavioral Sciences 5  

* Students are strongly advised to meet with a counselor when planning their course work, as Statistics course options might impact transferability, especially to the UC system.

** Students who take ECON 5, LALS 5, MATH 80, or PSYC 5 should also take CS 10 if they do not have prior computer programming experience. Be advised that this will not be accepted in place of DATA 8 at UC Berkeley.

Total Units: 5 

Choose one of the following

Course Number Course Title Units Notes
CS 110B Programming Fundamentals: C++ 4  
CS 111B Programming Fundamentals: Java 4  

Total Units: 4

Choose one of the following

Course Number Course Title Units Notes
CS 110C Data Structures and Algorithms: C++ 4  
CS 111C Data Structures and Algorithms: Java 4  

Total Units: 4


Choose one of the following

Course Number Course Title Units Notes
ASTR 16 Observational Astronomy* 1  
BIO 112 Introduction to Human Physiology 4  
CHEM 101B General College Chemistry 5  
CS 131B Programming Fundamentals: Python 4  
CS 150A Introduction to SQL Databases and NoSQL 3  
CS 256  Data Visualization 3  
ENVS 31 Introduction to Environmental Science 3  
FIN 110 Principles of Risk Management 3  
FIN 136M Personal Financial Planning - Math Emphasis 3  
FIN 138 Principles of Investment 3  
GEOG 110 Introduction to GIS 3  
MATH 115 Discrete Mathematics 3  
PSYC 2 Research Methods 3  
SOC 21 Introduction to Research Methods 3  

* ASTR 16 is a lab course. Students who choose this course will be required to take ASTR 1, 17, 18, or 19 in addition to taking ASTR 16.

Total Units: 1 - 5


Course Number Course Title Units Notes
CMST 20 Interpersonal Communication 3  

Total Units: 27 - 31