The Women's and Gender Studies Department offers over 30 courses, many interdisciplinary, that focus on the complex roles of women and gender in society.

 In Women's and Gender Studies courses, students develop:

  • an understanding of gender socialization and women's experiences across cultures
  • an analysis of how our identities based on gender, race/culture/ethnicity, sexuality, class, age, and disability intersect
  • knowledge of women's political, historical, and artistic achievements
  • strategies for improving communication and promoting healthy behaviors in our personal, social, and work lives

Department History

In Spring 1971, City College of San Francisco offered its first course directed specifically to women's interests and educational objectives. Its success led to the institution of the Women's Studies program, one of the first in the nation.

Effective Fall 2019, we changed our department name to Women's and Gender Studies to more accurately describe the scope of our work.

Women's and Gender Studies is a contributor to the Ethnic Studies and Social Justice Collaborative (formerly known as the Diversity Collaborative).