What is the Ethnic Studies and Social Justice Collaborative

The civil rights gains of the 1960s and 70s gave rise to the diversity departments at City College of San Francisco. These departments strengthen each other by working together in the Ethnic Studies and Social Justice Collaborative (formerly known as the Diversity Collaborative). Our programs grew out of various social struggles, such as the United Farmworker's Movement, the Disability Rights Movement, the Civil Rights Movement, the Women's Liberation Movement, and the Stonewall Riots.

Historical Legacy

The Third World Strikes at San Francisco State University (1968) and U.C. Berkeley (1969) led to the establishment of Ethnic Studies departments at universities and colleges across the nation.

Departments devoted to gender, sexuality, class, and disability studies benefited from the victories of the Ethnic Studies movement.

Intersecting Identities

We are proud of the intersectional analysis at the foundation of the City College of San Francisco Diversity Collaborative where students learn how their multiple identities contribute to the richness of their lives and provide strength to our continuing struggles for social justice.

Who We Are

Faculty from the below departments come together on a regular basis to share ideas and resources for better serving students' needs, such as closing the achievement and opportunity gaps, overcoming obstacles in student career paths, sharing multiple identities, and connecting with the San Francisco community.

What We Offer to Students, Faculty, and Staff

In addition to offering certificates and Associate degrees to students, the Diversity Collaborative departments offer faculty and staff opportunities for professional development through its wide variety of courses.


Library Programs

The CCSF Library Programs Committee collaborates with other City College departments and centers, as well as student organizations, to create events that reflect and enrich the creative, intellectual and cultural diversity of the City College community. We bring writers, poets, artists, musicians, filmmakers and others to the City College Centers to give students the opportunity to meet and interact first-hand, to recognize African-American History, Children’s Literature, Latino/a American Heritage, and Lunar New Year, to name a few.

Latina/o Heritage Month

An annual program organized by City College of San Francisco, The Rosenberg Library & Learning Resource Center and Concert & Lecture Series.


Project SURVIVE, a program of the Women's and Gender Studies department, trains and hires students to make classroom presentations promoting healthy relationships and preventing sexual violence. Peer educators of all genders offer resources and information to help students build intimate relationships based on respect and trust.