Groundswell - About Us

Groundswell, envisioned as a center for architecture and design, was founded to examine, from a cross-cultural perspective, the effects of environmental design on daily life, and to increase understanding of basic building and design principles within a social context.

Groundswell’s goals involve education on several levels: increasing architectural literacy among the general population; promoting a user/architect collaborative model; and encouraging underrepresented populations to enter architecture and related professions.

Dedicated to demystifying the fields of environmental design and architecture, Groundswell provides hands-on education, production, and presentation opportunities to those who traditionally have not had access to these professions. Our intention is to introduce new thinking to the field from diverse voices, cultures and disciplines. Our hope is to inspire the creation of dwelling spaces--in the imagination, in language, and in natural and built environments.


  • Juana Alicia, artist and professor
  • Aaron Betsky, curator and writer
  • Maureen Bourbin, curator
  • Anne Marie Cervantes, architect
  • Greg Dreicer, museum director and curator
  • Russ Ellis, architect and professor emeritus
  • Lisa Esherick, artist
  • Jorge Garcia, architect
  • Sara Ishikawa, architect and professor emerita
  • Rani Jacobs, entrepreneur and urban gardener (co-founder)
  • Raymond Lifchez, architect and professor emeritus
  • Enrique Limosner, professor emeritus, in memoriam
  • Yolanda Lopez, artist and lecturer
  • Glenn Robert Lym, architect
  • Donald Macdonald, architect
  • Fernando Martí, architect and housing director
  • Jeffrey Miller, landscape architect
  • Michelle Nermon, architect and professor
  • Nestor Regino, architect and professor
  • Patricia Rodriguez, artist and lecturer
  • Hilda Shum, artist
  • Leslie Simon, writer and professor (co-founder)
  • Art Stamps, architect
  • David Trachtenberg, architect
  • Julie Trachtenberg, exhibition designer
  • Trinh T. Minh-Ha, filmmaker and professor
  • Charles B. Turner Jr., urban planner
  • Ann Wettrich, artist and arts administrator and professor (co-founder)
  • Amanda Williams, artist and architect

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