Welcome to the Latin American and Latino/a Studies Department (LALS) at City College of San Francisco.

The LALS department offers courses in two distinct fields: the study of Latin America and the Latino/experience in the United States. The LALS curriculum includes courses in Arts, Humanities, as well as Behavioral and Social Sciences. Since LALS classes are multi-disciplinary, you will find them cross-listed in other departments. The aim of LALS is to help students gain a broad grasp of the culture, history, and current issues that defines the Latino/a perspective.


The LALS Department offers both a degree and certificate option. In each, you will take courses in the Humanities, Ethnic Studies, Area Studies and Social Sciences to help you gain a foundation on the history, culture, and politics of Latin America and Latinos in the Americas. 

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Departmental Scholarship

LALS is one of the departments offering Departmental Scholarships in CCSF. The Scholarship Office is a great source for scholarship-related information and provides guidance to students with the application process. See links below for details.