Why Put Your Syllabus in Canvas?

Academic Senate Resolution 2020.12.16.6B -- Reporting of Syllabus Information to Canvas for Accreditation Purposes is the official CCSF faculty recommendation to the college that Canvas become the official repository for course syllabi for institutional-level access, including Chairs, Deans, and Visiting Teams like the accreditation teams. Please review that resolution to learn more about why the Academic Senate made this decision. There are many reasons including:

Easy Access for Your Students

Students have become accustomed to having easy digital access to a syllabus. Putting it in Canvas allows that easy access, and you can even make your syllabus public if you want to share it with prospective students.

On each tab below, you'll find step-by-step directions for creating and adding a syllabus to Canvas, and if you'd prefer to watch a video, you can view the recordings focused on adding a syllabus to a Canvas course.