Outcomes and Assessment

The Outcome Assessment Loop - Plan, Act, Assess, Improve

Student learning outcomes describe the knowledge, skills, and abilities students should be able to demonstrate after completing a course, a certificate, or a degree; through participation in student services; or through their whole college experience.  They make explicit what a student will be able to do as a result of learning at CCSF.

At CCSF, we conduct outcome assessments at the course, program, and institutional levels.  This process not only confirms student learning, but also provides vital data for the course, program, and service improvements.  The dialogue that arises from assessment helps to identify student achievement and opportunity gaps and moves the college forward to meet the evolving needs of students.

Locating Outcomes

  • To find the learning outcomes associated with a course, check the class details in the Online Class Schedule.
  • To find the learning outcomes associated with a degree or certificate program, see the Catalog.
  • For General Education and Institutional-level outcomes, see GELO and ILO web pages.