Institutional Learning Outcomes

Institutional Student Learning Outcomes (ILOs) broadly describe the knowledge or skills students achieve who meet their own educational goals at City College. These outcomes reflect the institutional mission and values of our college. ILOs represent very broad modes of learning that can be experienced through many paths.

ILOs are created by members of the Academic Senate SLO Committee and Participatory Governance Assessment Planning Team in consultation with the entire CCSF Community. They are approved by the Academic Senate Executive Council and reviewed by the Participatory Governance Council and Board of Trustees. They appear in the college catalog.

Students who successfully complete their educational programs at CCSF will achieve all or an appropriate set of the following Institutional Learning Outcomes:

Institutional Learning Outcomes

A. Apply quantitative reasoning to questions or problems.

B. Locate, evaluate, and use information appropriately.

C. Use critical or creative reasoning, including diverse perspectives.

A. Communicate effectively.

B. Demonstrate respectful interpersonal and intercultural communication.

C. Recognize and interpret creative expression.

A. Explain the history and/or values of diverse cultures.

B. Evaluate the impact of civic, social, and/or environmental choices.

C. Engage effectively with others in diverse social and/or cultural settings.

A. Assess one’s strengths to evaluate areas for personal, academic, or career development.

B. Make use of resources or opportunities for personal, academic, or career development.

C. Maintain and improve one’s health and safety and/or that of others.

D. Use technology in pursuit of intellectual growth and/or career development.