The CalWORKs Program at City College of San Francisco supports students who are currently on or in transition off of cash aid/welfare. We provide coordinated services to eligible students and eligibility documentation is requested before service is provided. 

Who We Serve

We Serve 4 CalWORKs Student Groups:

County Referred CalWORKs Participants (Non-SIP)
Non-SIP CalWORKs participants are students who are currently receiving TANF cash aid and are referred to the college as part of their welfare-to-work plan.

Self-Initiated Participants (SIP)
Self-Initiated Program (SIP) participants are TANF recipients who enrolled in a community college prior to receiving an appraisal by the county welfare department. This status must be confirmed by the county welfare department. The law allows SIPs far greater flexibility in achieving their educational goals.

Post-Employment Students
Post Employment students are former welfare recipients who left TANF cash aid within the past two years, are currently employed, and need assistance in the areas of upgrading skills, job retention, and job advancement.