The following is a list of scholarships related to the APASS mission that you may be eligible for. For more information and/or additional scholarships, visit the CCSF Scholarship Office.


Group photo of scholarship recipients

Scholarships are $2,500 to a multi-year $5,000 award! 12 CCSF students were awarded last year!

Eligibility Requirements

  • Be of Asian and/or Pacific Islander ethnicity as defined by the U.S. Census.
  • Be a citizen, national or legal permanent resident of the U.S. Citizens of the Republic of the Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia and the Republic of Palau are also eligible to apply. 
  • Be enrolled full-time (12 units) at CCSF in Spring 2021. Students transferring in Spring 2021 to 1 of 33 partner colleges (e.g., SFSU, SJSU, CSUEB, UCI) are also eligible.
  • Intends to obtain an Associate's or Bachelor's degree. Students with a Bachelor's degree are NOT eligible.
  • You must fill out the Free Application for Federal Aid (FAFSA) for the 2020-21 year. You do not necessarily need to receive federal financial aid to be eligible for the AANAPISI Scholarship. We strongly recommend completing the FAFSA at least 4 weeks before the scholarship deadline.

Additional Notes

  • Essay & Application Tips
  • International & non-credit students are NOT eligible to apply.
  • Students who already have a Bachelor's degree are NOT eligible to apply.
  • When you apply, you can be a part-time student; however, you must be enrolled full-time in the Spring 2021 semester.
  • Solely online students are not eligible to apply. If you are enrolled in online and onsite courses, no more than 1/2 of your courses can be online. *Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this requirement is waived for the 2020-21 academic year.
  • Full-time enrollment and degree-seeking status are defined by the guidelines set by the institution's Registrar's Office.
  • Applications due Fall 2020 but distribution is not until Spring 2021.
  • We strongly advise to start the scholarship application ASAP. One recommendation letter needs to be submitted online and you need to respond to several questions (short essays).

Scholarship Recipient Story

The scholarship award is $500!

Spring Deadlines


Eligibility Requirements:

  • Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident
  • Show academic improvements from previous semesters
  • Priority to students who were previously on academic or progress probation and is now on good academic standing
  • Priority to students who have received counseling in APASS & have a current Ed Plan
  • This scholarship is non-renewable and can be awarded only once. Contact APASS counselors for more information.

Additional Notes:

  • One letter of recommendation required
  • A one to two page personal statement is also required
  • Sign the application and submit it on time to the APASS Center (Batmale Hall, Rm. 208)
  • You must also submit an unofficial CCSF transcript and a print-out of your current courses-in-progress

The Scholarship Office is pleased to announce a scholarship opportunity for students in Basic Skills courses. The $1,000 award, for books, supplies, transportation, childcare, and other college-related necessities, will be paid over two (2) semesters at $500 each semester to students who continue to meet the eligibility requirements. The scholarship is paid in one installment each semester.

Deadlines & Application

  • OPEN: Tuesday, September 15, 2020
  • DEADLINE: Monday, October 19, 2020 
  • Apply online at: Scholarship Universe

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Currently, participating in ONE of the following programs:
    • African American Scholastic Program
    • Asian Pacific American Student Success Program
    • Guardian Scholars Program
    • Latino Services Network
    • Tulay
    • CalWorks
    • HARTS
    • VASA
    • New Student Counseling
    • Continuing Student Counseling
  2. Maintain a minimum of nine (9) credit units.
  3. Be enrolled in a College Support class each semester the award is given (check Course Listing with your counselor).
  4. Maintain a Term and Cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better.
  5. Completed 6 units at CCSF.
  6. To avoid duplication, students may participate in only ONE of the ten scholarship programs listed above in #1.

Renewable eligibility based on the following requirements.

  1. Must attend two appointments with a program counselor during each semester when scholarship funds are being awarded.
  2. Have a current electronic education plan by a counselor in the semester when awarded.
  3. Participate in at least one academic enrichment session designated by your counselor each semester.

Additional Notes:

  • This scholarship requires a personal statement and a copy of your CCSF unofficial transcript.
  • Personal Statement Prompt: Please write about your career goals and describe how you are working to achieve those goals in your current activities, interests, employment, educational achievements, special needs, and/or financial circumstances. Be specific about the steps you are taking to reach your goals and why you would like to work in the field you have chosen.
  • Guidelines in formatting your personal statement: 1-2 single pages; double-spaced; one-inch margins; 12-point Times New Roman font. Include name and student identification number in the upper right-hand corner.

The scholarship award is $500 for Fall 2020.

Eligibility Requirements:

Additional Notes:

  • Limited funds are available and may only be spent on educational or basic living expenses.
  • Financial Aid eligibility is not required to receive FTIG; however, for students receiving Financial Aid, any FTIG funding must be coordinated with the financial aid package.
  • All information is subject to verification by CCSF staff.