The following is a list of scholarships related to the APASS mission that you may be eligible for. For more information and/or additional scholarships, visit the CCSF Scholarship Office.


Group photo of scholarship recipients

Scholarships are $2,500 to a multi-year $5,000 award! 9 CCSF students were awarded last year!


Eligibility Requirements - check application link above for details

Additional Notes

Scholarship Recipient Story

Temporary Changes: This scholarship is not being offered at this time.

The scholarship award is $500!

Spring Deadlines

We hope to reinstate this scholarship in the Spring of 2022.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident
  • Show academic improvements from previous semesters
  • Priority to students who were previously on academic or progress probation and is now on good academic standing
  • Priority to students who have received counseling in APASS & have a current Ed Plan
  • This scholarship is non-renewable and can be awarded only once. Contact APASS counselors for more information.

Additional Notes:

  • One letter of recommendation required
  • A one to two-page personal statement is also required
  • Sign the application and submit it on time to the APASS Center (Batmale Hall, Rm. 208)
  • You must also submit an unofficial CCSF transcript and a print-out of your current courses-in-progress

This Spring 2023 semester is the last semester this scholarship is being offered due to lack of funding.


The Scholarship Office is pleased to announce a scholarship opportunity for students in Basic Skills courses. This is a $500 scholarship award for books, supplies, transportation, childcare, and other college-related necessities.

Deadlines & Application

  • OPENS: Monday, January 9, 2023
  • DEADLINE: Monday, February 6, 2023
  • Apply online at Scholarship Universe

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Currently, participating in ONE of the following programs:
    • African American Scholastic Program
    • Asian Pacific American Student Success Program
    • Latino Services Network
    • Tulay
    • CalWorks
    • HARTS
    • VASA
    • New Student Counseling
    • Continuing Student Counseling
  2. Maintain a minimum of nine (9) credit units.
  3. Be enrolled in a College Support class each semester the award is given (check Course Listing with your counselor).
  4. Maintain a Term and Cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better.
  5. Completed 6 units at CCSF.
  6. To avoid duplication, students may participate in only ONE of the ten scholarship programs listed above in #1.

Renewable eligibility is based on the following requirements:

  1. Must attend two appointments with a program counselor during each semester when scholarship funds are being awarded.
  2. Have a current electronic education plan by a counselor in the semester when awarded.
  3. Participate in at least one academic enrichment session designated by your counselor each semester.