Learn What Our Students Have to Say about Their CCSF Journeys.

Every year we serve over 37,000 students with various backgrounds and educational goals. Some students are interested in obtaining an AA/AS degrees. Other students are interested in transferring to CSUs or UCs or other 4-year universities. A number of students are interested in obtaining a second degree or certificate in a specific area of their interest for their career development.

Some are interested in finding interesting courses for their personal enrichment. Others are interested in obtaining a high school diploma, improving their English, or learning new trade skills that can lead to a new path in their career. There are so many possibilities at CCSF. 

We look forward to sharing stories of our CCSF students' journeys, which will help better explain why you should consider CCSF on the path to achieving your personal or professional goals. 

CCSF Student Journey

Story of CCSF Student Journey #1:

Judi Basolo, Spring 2024 Graduate

Interview and Article by Cathy Chang, CCSF Outreach and Recruitment

We received a note about Judi's petition for the upcoming Spring 2024 Commencement Ceremony. We were inspired and excited by her note. Judi revealed in her note that she is 73 and is graduating this May.

It was such a privilege to meet Judi and learn more about her amazing journey. Her story not only touches our hearts but also inspires us in many ways. When I first met Judi via Zoom, I immediately felt warmth and positive energy from her. She had a big smile in her face. Her cheerful and upbeat voice made me feel like I already knew her.

I had six questions prepared for her. Each answer she provided made me either smile or tear up, nod my head, or say wow. I am sure now you are very curious about Judi. Although it is hard to capture all the things she communicated to me in this story, I will do my very best to share it with you in a meaningful way.

Judi was born in San Francisco in 1950 and was raised in Hillsborough. However, she moved back to San Francisco just before she turned 21. She traveled and lived many different places both internationally and domestically throughout her life. Judi believes that San Francisco is one of the most beautiful cities in the world from both cultural and geographical perspectives. She currently lives with her two lovely cats, Grappa and Enzo on Nob Hill.

In 1968, Judi entered the University of Northern Colorado as a Journalism major and was the first person in her family to go to college. She attended the college during the height of the Vietnam War. During her junior year, she had to drop out of college due to multiple reasons, without obtaining her college degree.  

After leaving college, Judi moved back to San Francisco and landed her first job at Hertz Car Rental in Union Square. She enjoyed interactions with clients and solving problems for them. After Hertz, she moved to a large California bank headquarters and became a MasterCard representative. She realized that she was passionate about Sales and Marketing.  

Judi moved into a business development position with a large international architectural firm. This led to another position with a commercial architectural firm, which exposed her to the commercial real estate industry. She obtained her California real estate license in 1986 and her Hawaiian license in 2019 to practice in both states. She failed the first real estate license exam, but she did not give up. She obtained her license on her second attempt. She was very actively engaged in the commercial real estate business until the Pandemic hit. 

The Pandemic did not stop Judi from seeking a new opportunity, to return to school and complete the degree she started in Colorado 51 years ago. She researched online programs at various schools throughout the country. Then, she realized that the school she was looking for, CCSF, was right in her backyard! 

Judi started her CCSF academic journey in Summer 2021. With help from a CCSF counselor, she selected her degree in Liberal Arts/Humanities. Judi successfully completed her degree in December 2023, graduating with a 4.0 while working full-time. 

She remembers how challenging it was initially to adjust to a new learning environment. She shared a story of one of her classes, Statistics for Behavioral Science. When she struggled to connect the dots, she learned about our wonderful tutoring resources from her professor. She expressed how grateful she is to her amazing tutors and professors at CCSF.

One of Judi’s memorable moments at CCSF was participating in the Pride event last June. She had the opportunity to ride with CCSF administrators and staff in an antique fire engine to represent CCSF at this event. One of her conversations with Dean J. Dawgert-Carlin. Dean J thought that Judi was one of the professors at CCSF. Judi asked Dean J “are you a professor?” Dean J responded, “no, I am the Dean.” They both laughed. When Dean J learned Judi's story, Dean J burst her tears and gave Judi a big hug with a remark “we often don’t get people with this focus at your age.”

Judi is such an extraordinary individual who pursued her educational goal during one of the most challenging times in our history. She inspired us and demonstrated that age is just a number, and we can pursue our new endeavors at any stage if we have a strong willingness and desire toward whatever we want to achieve.

Judi, we want to congratulate you on your successful journey at CCSF and can’t wait to see you walking in your cap and gown at our May 23rd Commencement!

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