The Theatre Arts Department offers two departmental scholarships to qualified students. The amounts of these awards vary depending upon the funds available.

The Michael J. Griffith Scholarship

Awarded on behalf of a founder of and long-time instructor in the CCSF Theatre Arts department, this scholarship is available to ongoing theatre students and is based upon financial need and demonstrated dedication to learning the arts and crafts of the stage.

The Ann Shay Memorial Scholarship

Ann Shay devoted many years to empowering students to create their own productions, many of which were entered in international festivals. She endowed this scholarship for women over the age of 40 who are studying to become directors in the live theatre.

For more detailed information on the scholarships listed here, as well as on the many other scholarships available to City College students contact the CCSF Scholarship Office

Please note that scholarship amounts are subject to change without notice: the dollar amounts quoted here are approximate. Also, not all scholarships are given every semester.