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If you don’t have a red one-day parking pass or other types of permit, guest parking is available in the Reservoir Parking Lot located on Phelan Ave. If you have a red one-day parking pass, please ensure that it is filled out with the proper date, time, location, and vehicle info, and prominently display it on your dashboard. You can visit our parking Information page for more about parking.

Section 40202 of the California Vehicle Code (CVC) mandates that law enforcement officers cannot “conceal, modify, nullify, or destroy” a parking citation after it has been issued. Instructions on how to protest or pay the citation are contained on the back of the ticket. To avoid further citations please review our parking information page.

As state peace officers, SFCCPD police officers have the authority to sign off on a “fix-it” ticket. You must have the violation corrected and have the ticket in your possession. (Non-sworn security officers and student officers do not have the authority to sign-off on a “fix-it” ticket).

SFCCPD officers will only allow persons into a building by prior arrangement with the Buildings and Grounds department, Chief of Police or another Administrator. To use a building or facility contact Building and Grounds at 415-239-3546.

You may contact your road-side assistance company for help. If you are on or near the campus call 415-239-3200.

You may contact your road-side assistance company for help. If you are on or near the campus call Campus Police at 415-239-3200. With some vehicles, campus police officers may be able to assist you in gaining entry. With many newer models, however, this may not be possible. If assisted by campus police, the department and the district entails no liability for any damage that may be caused by assisting in vehicle entry.

 If you're a student, permits can be purchased online via the Registration Center. For more information call the Student Bank 415-239-3345. If you're a full-time employee, parking permits can be obtained via the iPARQ website. For step by step instructions click here. If you're a part-time employee, parking permits can be obtained from the Campus Police Office, located in Cloud Hall Room 119.

Only one report is required to be made, either with SFPD or SFCCPD. Both SFPD and SFCCPD reports get entered into the same database at the Hall Of Justice. However if you have filled a report with SFPD and you want to let us know about the incident, contact us and give the SFPD case number.

Yes you can. Call 415-239-3200 and ask to speak with an on duty Sergeant to schedule a date.