Plan an Event for Your Club and CCSF Students!

Recognized clubs have access to all kinds of resources. However, to take advantage of these resources, clubs must correctly fill out the proper forms by the stated deadlines. Below you will find a list of common club event needs and the forms required to fulfill each. All forms listed below are available in SU 207 and upon request in SU 205. If you have questions regarding how to fill out any of our forms, or are not sure which forms to use, please ask the Student Activities Office student staff in SU 205.

Event Planning

When planning an event, your club has a lot of things to consider. Certain elements of your event will determine what space you use, how much food to buy, who to invite, etc. Please note that all events require Event Request Forms, including all general club meetings. Below are some basic questions to help get your club started in the event planning process:

  1. Who is our target audience? (Club members only, the CCSF community, the community at large)
  2. Where can we have our event based on who our target audience is? (MUB140 for larger events, SU 208 Conference Room for smaller events, Ram Plaza for open-ended campus-wide events, etc.)
  3. Is the space available for the date we want? Have we reserved the space with the appropriate form/office/building?
  4. What is our budget for the entire event? What is our budget for each line item?
  5. Will we offer food? For sale or for free? Should we get a cash advance, be reimbursed later for it, or pay the vendor directly (if the event is catered/food made and delivered)? How much should we buy? Who are the preferred CCSF vendors? Is this a food sale fundraiser?
  6. Will we be collecting donations? Who will sign out the Fundraising Lock Box from Administrative Services?
  7. Are we going to make flyers for the event? Should we have them printed at Digital Print Productions at Mission Campus or an off-site vendor?
  8. How will we spread the word about our event? Flyers, word-of-mouth, class presentations, emails, Facebook, The Guardsman advertisements, City Currents advertisements?
  9. What equipment/supplies/decorations should we have for the event? Do we have to rent or borrow the equipment from Associated Students or the Audio Visual department?
  10. Should we have a speaker/performer at the event? How much should they be paid, if anything at all?
  11. Has our travel been approved by the Associate Dean of Student Activities?
  12. Who will be our main contact person for all of the event paperwork? (This person’s name and contact information should be on all forms to remain consistent)

Once you answer some of these questions, you can figure out what forms you need to fill out, who you need to talk to, and where you should start. You may also make an appointment with the Management Assistant of Student Activities to help you get started in the event planning process.

Information for Planning Your Event

Forms and Procedures

After your club figures out whether your event is going to be on-campus or off-campus, and where you want to have it, you can start to fill out the proper forms to ensure your event planning goes as smoothly as possible. All events, including general club meetings, require an EVENT REQUEST FORM which must be submitted to the Student Activities Office. Turn in your Event Request Form as soon as possible to get your event on the Events Calendar before all the dates are booked; check the Events Calendar before you submit your paperwork to make sure the date you want is available.

For events in the Student Union or Ram Plaza, you need:

  1. Event Request Form STUDENT UNION (club advisor MUST sign)
  2. Make sure to pick a contact person that will answer and return our phone calls if there is a time conflict with another club

For events in buildings on-campus (Event Request Form NON-Student Union), you need:

  1. Classrooms: Event Request Form (Non-Student Union) must be signed by appropriate building dean before being turned into Student Activities.
  2. Multi-Use Building (MUB): The form required for use of MUB140 must be picked up from and turned into the Chancellor's Office. Confirmation of authorization to use MUB140 must be submitted with Event Request Form (Non-Student Union) to Student Activities.

If you want to use other buildings on campus, you will need to also complete an PDF Removed for the following approvals:

  1. Wellness Center and Amphitheater: Proof of approval, Dan Hayes must sign off on your Event Request Form
  2. Diego Rivera Theater: Proof of approval, Patrick Toebe must sign off on your Event Request Form
  3. Cafeteria (Smith Hall): Proof of approval, Culinary Dept. must sign off on your Event Request Form
  4. Buildings not on the Ocean Campus: Proof of approval from your Campus Dean, who must sign off on your Event Request Form

For events after hours, on a weekend, off-campus, or on another campus, you need:

  1. PDF Removed + Events Request Form (NON-Student Union)
  2. All students MUST complete and submit a PDF Removed before attending any off-campus events as a club (give copies to the SAO while advisors keep originals to take on the trip)
  3. Advisors MUST be present at all after hours, weekend, or off-campus events
  4. Make sure to find out if there will be any additional charges (custodial services, police services) to your club if you are having an event after hours or on a weekend at CCSF

For any event

  1. That requires music, mics, etc., you’ll need to complete a Technical Requirements Form and make sure that a club member will be at your event early to set up and learn how to operate the equipment properly throughout the event.
  2. That requires cashiers, ticket takers, or gate keepers, you’ll need to complete a PDF Removed (must be turned in 3 weeks before your event)
  3. That requires chairs, canopies, tables or the BBQ grill, you’ll need to indicate this on
    your Event Request Form (Student Union)


All literature and flyers to be distributed and posted to advertise for your upcoming events must be approved by the Student Activities Office in the form of a stamp. At all other campuses flyers/posters need to be approved by the Dean of the campus on which you are posting. Club/Council meetings, events and gatherings should be open to all students. DO NOT use tape, glue, nails, or industrial staples to post your flyers; thumb tacks only.

Your club is required to have the following statements on every flyer and poster before they can be approved by the Student Activities Office:

  • This event is made possible by your $5 Student Activities Fee
  • This club is officially recognized by the Associated Students Council of City College of San Francisco.
  • Persons requiring disability-related accommodations for this event should contact Disabled Student Programs and Services at (415) 452-5481. Please allow 72 hours advance notice.

If club flyers do not have the above statements, we cannot approve the posting. If you post your flyers without the approval of Student Activities, they will be removed.


You should also consider using the media at CCSF to get your campus wide events advertised. Contact The Guardsman (the CCSF student newspaper) or KCSF (CCSF radio station) to have your events covered by the media, or to let people know about upcoming events.

Any planning or organizing around partisan political campaigns whether it is a proposition or a candidate must first be discussed with the Associate Dean of Student Activities to ensure it is within the framework of what is legally possible. Under no circumstances can club or Associated Students Council phones, emails, or physical office locations be used on flyers/postings for partisan campaigns. You may promote civic engagement and voter participation in upcoming elections, but CANNOT use CCSF, AS, or ICC to promote partisan campaigns.

Any event—dancing, music, speaking—can be held in Ram Plaza or the Amphitheater as long as it does not disrupt classes. The Vice President of Cultural Affairs, or his/her trained designee, must be in charge of the sound system at all times. Any amplified music played on Ram Plaza and/or Amphitheater will be monitored by the Student Activities Office and shall not exceed 95 decibels. You must get explicit permission from the Wellness Center if you will be using amplified music in the Amphitheater (contact Dan Hayes or Anna Hernandez in the Wellness Center).

During any event, when the sound system exceeds the limit of 95 decibels or the Student Activities Office has received complaints from the faculty or students that the sound is disrupting class, the persons using the sound system shall be notified with a verbal warning that the sound must be brought into compliance. If the sound level continues to exceed the limit following a verbal warning, the sound operation will be discontinued by the designee from the club/group assigned to the AS Sound System. If the designee does not comply with the sound policy, the club/group will be placed on hold and will not be able to seek reimbursements, pay the performers, or take any money out in the form of a cash advance until further notice.