Clubs may spend their base allocation on a variety of activities and events; however, it is vital to always be aware of prohibited expenditures and spending limits before purchasing anything with club funds.

Below you will find the important financial guidelines.

Prohibited Expenditures

  1. Equipment, supplies, forms, postage services for classroom use or District business
  2. Repairs and maintenance of District-owned property
  3. Professional books and/or magazines and memberships in professional organizations which would be District funded
  4. Custodial supplies and equipment
  5. Salaries for services which are the responsibility of the District
  6. Articles for the personal use of District employees, students or others
  7. Contribution to political or religious activities and campaigns
  8. Gifts, credit or accommodation purchases for District employees, students or others
  9. Contributions to fundraising drivers for charitable organizations
  10. Memberships in and contributions to non-collegiate organizations

Although not stated in the guidelines, the following are also prohibited expenditures:

  1. Alcohol, cigarettes, controlled substances, weapons
  2. Gift certificates
  3. Tips of any kind

What you CAN spend club money on…

  1. Fundraising activities such as food sales, T-shirt sales and dances*
  2. Cultural events
  3. Speakers and Performers
  4. Movie screenings
  5. Food for club meetings and/or gatherings
  6. Activities that promote the club such as wearing/selling t-shirts*
  7. Supplies/Equipment*
  8. Producing a newsletter**

*Must see Management Assistant of Student Activities if you wish to purchase t-shirts or items to be sold

**If you use Digital Print at the CCSF Mission Campus, let them know you are a CCSF club, give them your fund number, and tell them you need the transfer of funds form and invoice

Spending Limitations

Any exceptions to the below must be approved by a 2/3 majority vote of the ICC


  • $500 max for all performances per event
  • $300 max per performing group
  • $100 max per performer
  • $50 max per student performer (cannot simultaneously be working at CCSF)
  • $50 max to all student speakers for a minimum of 30 minutes
  • $200 max for speakers from a community organization or speaker circuit

Food Expenditures

  • $10 max per person (one meal per day)
  • $30 max per person per day on club conferences and field trips
  • $300 max for food (except if used for fundraising purposes)