Before you can even think about spending your club’s base allocation, you have to start with your club meetings and club minutes.  Review the following guidelines  to help you plan your club meetings:

  • You should always have a sign-in sheet passed around at each meeting to record the attendance. This is also important when the club votes on action items to spend your club money.
  • Each club meeting should be recorded (typed) by a club member that includes details such as when and where the club meeting took place, who was present, what was discussed, what was passed or agreed upon by majority of the members), and what the club has planned for the future.
  • Whenever the club wants to spend money, they must first have a meeting to discuss what the money should be used for, who will purchase the items and be reimbursed, how much money should be spent, and a timeline should be planned out in order for all of this to come together on time for your club event.

Remember that each financial transaction you wish to make will require you to submit a copy of your club meeting minutes along with the other paperwork (payment vouchers, requisitions, etc.). If you do not turn in your club minutes you cannot be reimbursed, receive a cash advance, or pay a vendor for services to your club. Please review the ICC guidelines for information on eligible expenses and proper procedures.