Office of Instruction

The Office of Instruction helps manage the college's Curriculum process, including support of the Curriculum Committee, and publishes the College Catalog.

We also manage the Faculty Evaluation and Tenure Review processes, and Sabbatical Leave.



Tom Boegel, Associate Vice Chancellor of Enrollment Management and Instructional Support Services, 415/239-3360,

Michael Almaguer, Interim Associate Vice Chancellor of Centers, School Dean, Faculty Evaluation and Tenure Review, 415/452-5133,

Theresa Rowland, Associate Vice Chancellor of Workforce and Economic Development, 415/239-3301,

Deanna Abma, Articulation Officer, 415/239-3583,

Kim Nacion, Faculty Evaluation and Tenure Review, 415/239-3328,

Nino Kikilashvili, Catalog Editor, 415/239-3391,

Kimberly Ginther-Webster, Curriculum Committee Chair, 415/452-5954,