How to Order Computers

revised 7/20/13

Note: For budgeting purposes, a Banner computer total cost is approx. $928.72. This includes a computer with 500GB HD, 22” flat panel monitor, Microsoft 7 software, and taxes.

1. Decide on type of computer you need: Banner-compatible for lab or administrative use, select Omnipro or Apple for specific educational requirements. Consider unusual memory needs, etc. 

2. To view Apple products: Create a quote on this special website: Save your proposal, noting the number and date. If you need assistance, contact Kelly Matthews, Apple Inside Education rep, (512) 674-2685. Attach a copy of the quote to your requisition, and indicate the CCSF account #34038 on the requisition. Include tax and e-Waste fees

3. To view HP products from the CCSF preferred provider Omnipro: log onto the Omnipro web site: ( Configure a quote there- no password is required! Save the quote, and indicate your quote number on your requisition. Based on prior service, we do not recommend Dell. However, if replacing an existing Dell in a lab only, access the Dell web site: Create a Dell Personal Profile by providing your name, email, and a new Personal Password (6-15 digits) that is unique to you. Proceed to “Your Dell Store”, configure your machine and make a print by selecting the “detail/print view”. Save your configuration as an e-quote and indicate your e-quote number on the requisition. Attach copies of either vendor quote to a Requisition and submit. For assistance call  1-877-220-3355 Ext. 7287043

4. For all other technology purchases or if you have desktop needs that do not match the CCSF/Omnipro pre-approved specifications, prepare a requisition along with a quote of exactly what you need and forward to ITS for approval. (This approval process will add a min. of 2 weeks to the processing time required). CCSF discourages computer purchases from non-approved vendors. This is for your protection! This process applies to grant funded purchases too.

5. ITS will review your request and make changes (if needed), and approve or disapprove your request. Approved requisitions will be forwarded to Purchasing for approval.

6. Next, order security devices if not included with your computer.  We recommend “Super-Lok 3000” from D & D Security . Approx. cost: $25.55. Locks may be keyed-alike for lab installations, for a slight additional charge. NOTE: Omnipro computers come complete with an Anchor Pad lock kit.

7. Next, software licenses: CCSF has a site license for all Microsoft products for all City College owned machines.  The procedure for having the software installed is a memo to the ITS Dept. stating how many copies of what software you require (similar to the requisitions you did before). Upgrades and downgrades of the software are included throughout the term of the agreement. Microsoft Campus Agreement includes the most current versions of the following:
   *Microsoft Office Standard & Professional Editions.
   *Microsoft Office Mac Edition.
   *Microsoft Windows Upgrades (i.e. 7)
   *Microsoft BackOffice Server Client Access License (CAL)
   *Microsoft FrontPage
   *Microsoft Visual Studio Professional Edition
   *Microsoft Office Starts Here/Step by Step Interactive by Microsoft Press.
*Note: The Campus Agreement does not cover any enterprise application suites (or Office Premium 2010.)  

FOR HOME USE - Faculty and staff may be eligible to purchase one set of the specially packaged software for less than $100 +shipping+tax available via the foundation
Requirements subject to change.

8. ITS staff usually prefers to install computers on the network. If ITS is unable to accommodate you and you still require help with set-up, Omnipro may unpack, deliver, and set-up the computers in place if indicated on the order, for an extra charge. For lab installations, please coordinate with ITS personnel. Computers will be delivered within 15 business days of receipt of purchase order by Omnipro. Please note a state mandated fee of $16 may be added to all computer orders for E-Waste.

9. Do not ask vendor to haul away your old, broken equipment. Contact Carlita Martinez with the CCSF recycling program for collection sites.   

10. Once your computer is installed, don’t forget to immediately sign MRR copy of purchase order and return to 33 Gough Street so the vendor may be paid promptly.

If you order the recommended Banner computers from Omnipro, your order does not require approval from ITS. Preferred vendor orders do not need to go out for bid, do not need additional approvals, and come with a 5-year warranty. Get your computer fast- pick a pre-approved computer. Note: printer cables are not included.

Laptops/netbooks are available as well from Omnipro. Don't forget to order a WiFi/network card. Carrying bags are popular accessories. Personal Purchases: Omnipro and Dell sell computers direct to staff at an educational discount. Set-up is not included. To take advantage of this offer with Dell, access the Higher Education page on web site and select Faculty/Staff Personal Purchases A wide variety of products are available, bundled for home use (no network cards, added software) at special savings if accessed through the web site. For sales assistance with Omnipro, contact 650 689-5823. Checks only.
Service: For Omnipro service, contact 415-648-1121 x14 or

For Apple service: Call Education Tech Support at 800 800 2775 Option #3 and provide the serial number and PO number.