Required Forms

If you are a new vendor, start at How to Do Business.

To do business with the college, the following forms are required at a minimum:

Additionally, depending on the nature of the service being provided, contracts, insurance certificates, non-collusion affidavits, contractor's licenses, bonds, certified payrolls, and other forms may be required. Please note City College prefers to do business with local suppliers.

Insurance Requirements

The Contractor, at the Contractor's own expense, shall purchase and maintain the herein stipulated minimum insurance with companies duly licensed to do business in the State of California with policies and forms satisfactory to the College and possessing a current A.M. Best, Inc. rating of A VII.

All insurance required herein shall be maintained in full force and effect until all work required to be performed under the terms of the agreement is satisfactorily completed and formally accepted; failure to do so may, at the sole direction of the College, constitute a material breach of the agreement.

Please see the Vendor Insurance page for specifics regarding required insurance documentation when doing business with City College of San Francisco.