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Fall 2017

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Congratulations to the Engineering Club for winning the 2017 SMUD Solar Regatta Cup!

SUMMER: ENGN 10A, ENGN 10B and WELD 144A Offered!

Prospective Students Should:

Our department continues to offer our full set of classes in all our programs, from Biotechnology to Engineering; from CAD to GIS.

See for more info.

Sustainability @City

Got Sustainability? We do. Check out the CCSF Sustainability Portal. Our students are doing amazing things at the Ecocenter at Heron's Head Park. We have an Alternative Energy course, lab, and a Sustainability Certificate! Join us and explore what we all can do to improve social, economic, and environmental sustainability.

Bridge to Bioscience

Work on your basic math, chem, and bio skills in our Bridge to Biosciences program. Prepare for a career in BTEC.

See schedule above. --- More Program Info

Student success...

We want you, our students, to succeed! We have organized open lab and tutor and study sessions to help on the path to learning. See Student Resouces (Top Right)

Have ideas for other resources? Visit the department office and share them with us.

Outside Resources

Scholarship Winners

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HVAC & Eng Plumbing Systems

We are reinvigorating our HVAC program this fall. New labs, new trainers, and a new instructor. Join us! ET 135C being offered this fall. See the schedule. More program info here.

Engineered plumbing systems also has space this fall! See schedule of classes.

Learn more about our PIPED Grant.

Graduate with Practical Math

Working towards your AS degree or a CCSF certificate program? Need a math class to satisfy your quantitative skills requirement? Look no further than the E&T Department's series of ET Math Classes.

Did You Know?

The Engineering and Technology Dept has:

  • a complete stem cell laboratory
  • a fermentation laboratory for biotechnology
  • several 3-D printers for rapid prototyping
  • a materials testing laboratory
  • a full electronics lab
  • a metal and wood shop for engineering projects
  • several computer labs with CAD, GIS, and other engineering software tools

And the best part? Our students are trained to use these. Come be a part of the fun learning.

I Want To ...

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I want to become an engineer!

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I want to learn more about biotechnology!


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