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Be Part of One of the 40+ Clubs at CCSF!

The diverse interests of CCSF students are embraced in the variety of clubs that rally around everything from academics, art, culture, social causes, sports, hobbies, etc. Clubs provide an opportunity for you to meet people that share common interests,  build your campus community, and have fun with your peers!

Clubs are the essence of student life on campus, and they are a big responsibility. On this page you will find information to help you start and run a club at CCSF. You will find financial guidelines, details on paperwork, templates for proposals. The site will be frequently updated with upcoming ICC and club events. If you would like to have ICC updates emailed to you, please email to be added to the contact list.

What is the Inter Club Council (ICC)?

The Inter Club Council (ICC) is recognized and funded by CCSF's Associated Student Council. It consists of elected representatives from over 40 campus clubs. Weekly ICC meetings provide a forum for clubs to discuss upcoming events and collaborate on student issues.

A Letter from the Vice President

"We the students of the Associated Students Council of CCSF Ocean Campus acknowledge that we are in an unprecedented time that has challenged us in a variety of aspects. When we are in school it’s important that we have clubs and campus life to build a connection among students, as well as, have student engagement. With this remote environment, we know how difficult it may be to maintain and build new connections with students, but we want you to know that you are not alone, we are all in this together. We, the Associated Students Council of CCSF, are doing everything possible to still have campus life and student engagement, even if that means it has to be through an online-remote environment. 

We will not give up on the students of CCSF and wholeheartedly believe that what makes these hard times less difficult is knowing you’re not in this alone and still being able to build lasting connections with your peers. Furthermore, we are aware that some of the requirements to start a new club may be unachievable for some, so that’s why we’ve come up with a temporary COVID requirement waiver. 

The purpose of this resolution to encourage and incentivize students to create and sustain clubs throughout this challenging remote environment. Lastly, we do want to emphasize that this is a temporary resolution while in-person classes are suspended, and when in-person classes resume this waiver will be null and void." Read the full Temporary COVID Requirement Waiver here.

-Juan Pablo Wilson, Vice President of the Inter Club Council

Club Recognition Information:

Clubs are recognized by the Associated Students Council in the fall and spring semesters only.  The first 3 steps below must be completed before the deadline to receive the club allocation amount. These steps can be done in any order, before doing the 4th step which is official recognition!

1. E-Packet 

The Spring 2021 e-packet is now live! The e-packet is where you record your club's mission statement and members. You will need to log in with your CCSF student email address- just click the red link to access. This is required every semester.

2. Inter Club Council Training

This training is required for all club faculty advisers and club officers to complete. All advisors and officers must complete this once per academic year. You may skip this step if your members completed training in the Fall 2020 semester and are remaining in their positions. If you are a new club officer and need to complete the training, please email Inter Club Council at to schedule a personal virtual training. Advisers may just click the red link above to complete the training.

Virtual Zoom Training Link

3. Club Hard Packet

The hard packet consists of 3 papers that need a digital signature - the signature card, the cash advance contract, and the club adviser contract. Please email to request your hard packet.

4. Attend an Ocean Associated Students Council Meeting

Once you have completed all other steps, confirm with VP Juan Pablo Wilson that your club is ready to be recognized. You, or any club representative will attend the Ocean Associated Students Council meeting, which takes place every Wednesday from 3:10 pm - 5:00 pm, to read your club's mission statement and get voted in by the council. Join in the ASCO's virtual meeting room.

Deadlines for Spring 2021 Regular Recognition:

New! Extended for Spring 2021 due to the pandemic:

  • Friday, February 26, 2021 for $200 club allocation
  • Friday, March 12, 2021 for $100 club allocation
  • Your club may still get recognized with a $0 allocation if you miss both of these deadlines. Check back here for any updates to dates and deadlines due to the ongoing COVID-19 health pandemic.

Learn More About Creating & Renewing Clubs

    Meetings & Events
    ICC Meeting
    Every Monday at 1:10 p.m.
    Inter Club Council meetings are a place for the ICC Rep. from each club to come and share ideas and collaborate to build campus and club life at CCSF. ICC meetings will begin typically the 3rd or 4th week of the semester, after the first round of clubs have been recognized. All ICC meetings are open to the public.

    All ICC meetings will be held virtually during the Fall 2020 semester. Please check the agenda for virtual location.
    Unity Day
    Unity Day is a campus-wide event for students to come have fun, learn about clubs and resource programs, and get to know one another! Unity Day took place on April 15, 2021. Please see below for the Unity Day Info!