Engineering and Technology

The Engineering and Technology Department offers classes and programs that will help you understand the science of engineering processes and design. 

Our courses are hands-on and lab-based and cover a range of complex engineering and biotechnology disciplines.  Whether you plan to transfer, earn a degree or jump into the workforce, our goal is to equip you with the knowledge and skills to help you become highly sought after by industry professionals.

Did You Know?

students work in biotech lab

The Engineering and Technology Dept has:

  • a stem cell teaching laboratory
  • an internship program for biotechnology 
  • several 3-D printers for rapid prototyping
  • a materials testing laboratory
  • a full electronics lab
  • a metal and wood shop for engineering projects
  • several computer labs with CAD, GIS, and other engineering software tools
  • And the best part? Our students are trained to use these. Come be a part of the fun learning.