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2020 CCSF Fashion Graduates and Certificate Awardees



Resources for Face Masks:


CCSF Fashion student, Stacey Gilmore, is looking to help the medical professionals. The link will provide a tutorial on how to make the masks and detailed information for where to donate them. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Stacey!


CCSF Fashion student, Saul Sugarman, launched an online campaign to raise dollars for the Queer Nightlife Fund, which is helping gig people who lost dollars when venues closed. More than $500 has come in for stylish masks Saul has made. The link has Saul's tutorial for face masks and places that will take donations. Amazing work, Saul!

Our Mission


The mission of the Fashion Design and Merchandising programs is to provide the highest quality of instruction in a lively and diverse environment that encourages interaction with others who share this passion. The program offers a structured and experiential learning process to help students discover the concepts and challenges of today's fashion business and become equipt with the necessary skills to become successful in the Fashion Design and Merchandising fields.


The department faculty and students alike work to make the fashion program at City College the most successful of its kind in the county.

A Student's Survival Guide to the Fashion Dept.


Check out our Survival Guide to get through your chosen Fashion program. We have all your classes listed to finish with an A.S. degree and/or certificate... And more! This guide is updated frequently, so check back regularly!

Student Success Stories


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