Fashion Scholarships

Fashion Department Scholarships. I. Magnin Scholarship (Oct 15). Kamille Hitz Fashion Warrior Scholarship (Oct 31). AAU Scholarship for Fashion Design (Oct 31). AAU Scholarship for Fashion Merchandising (Feb 01).

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Prepare for a Career in Fashion Design and Merchandising

From design concepts and clothing construction to styling and fashion coordination, the Fashion Department offers a range of classes and programs to equip you with the skills to be successful in any fashion field. Led by faculty, with a range of expertise, our classes are hands-on and give you real-life experiences. They are designed to give you exposure to a variety of fashion experiences.

Fashion student at work

Degree & Certificate Programs

Our degree and certificate programs will prepare you with a strong basis in design concepts, industry terminology, and technical and professional skills expected in the fashion industry.

A two-year course of study that leads to an AS Degree. Choose from the Fashion Design (AS) or the Fashion Merchandising (AS).
Choose from Fashion Design, Fashion Illustration, Fashion Merchandising, Fashion Styling, and more.