About Us

On May 5, 1980, the governing board of the San Francisco Community College District established a “Community College Police Department,” now known as the San Francisco Community College Police Department (SFCCPD) or the City College of San Francisco Police Department

Under the California Education Code, sections 72330 and 72334 and California Penal Code, section 830.32(a), personnel, when appointed and duly sworn, are designated as peace officers.

The San Francisco Community College Police Department is a certified California Peace Officers Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) police agency, recognized by the State of California. SFCCPD are sworn officers readily identified by their uniforms which include their distinctive patch and silver star.

The Department also employs security officers, called Campus Control aides, who wear a grey shirted uniform with the SFCCPD patch.

The Campus Police are here to assist with the safety of you and your campus from crime and other emergencies. We want our students to be able to pursue their education positively and for our faculty and staff to perform their work securely.

We are part of the CCSF community and are committed to a safe campus environment.

Duties & Responsibilities of SFCCPD

  • Respond to calls for service, including crimes in progress and alarm calls.
  • Patrol areas under the jurisdiction of the CCSF district, by vehicle and on foot.
  • Make arrests and investigate crimes.
  • Enforce criminal laws, traffic laws, parking regulations, and CCSF school/campus policies. 
  • Conduct security checks of buildings, parking lots, and other CCSF facilities.

Role of the SFCCPD

The role of the SFCCPD is to provide the primary law enforcement, safety, and security services to the CCSF community and its campuses.

The duties and responsibilities of the SFCCPD officers do no cover all the duties our department performs. Additionally, we are limited to perform some of the usual and unusual expected duties of sworn police officers due to limitations imposed upon our department due to current District policies.