The CCSF Forensics or "Speech and Debate" Team travels to local and national tournaments to compete against other 2-year and 4-year colleges in various styles of debate, oratory, and performance of literature.

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Think critically and creatively! Communicate persuasively and passionately! Through study, practice, and competition, members of the team gain experience, skills, and confidence while exploring forensics activities in the community college.  Our students have become lawyers, news anchors, executives, professors, and more. If you are motivated, forensics can help you hone knowledge and skills while providing space to both gain and voice experience. The path to becoming a more thoughtful and effective communicator is paved in "practice, practice, practice." You'll do all the walking, but you'll have coaches to support you on the journey. Step one is the enroll! The team is open to any and all students.

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Adapting to the Coronavirus Context

The Forensics community worked hard to bring tournaments online during the pandemic. We will continue to seek out the silver linings and perks of the online tournament, but are now, gradually continuing the return to face-to-face tournaments in the 2022-2023 AY year, visiting other college campuses and sharing physical space with competitors from other schools. Tournaments allow participants to socialize and find community at both regional and larger, national tournaments.