About Communication Studies

The National Association of Colleges and Employers consistently rank oral communication, critical thinking, and teamwork as the most important skills in the workplace.

Warren Buffet advises, “Communications skills are the first area I would work on to enhance your value throughout life, no matter what you do.” It is not surprising that those with effective communication skills are more likely to get hired and advance in the professional world. A recent survey in the Wall Street Journal found these “soft skills” are in high demand and short supply. Research also shows that effective communicators are more likely to have satisfying interpersonal relationships, better able to resolve conflict, and more capable of sparking social change.

Pursue an associate of arts degree in Communication Studies. Or simply practice your ability to think critically and present your ideas.

Program Options 

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Semester 1 

Course Number Course Title Units Notes
CMST 1A Elements of Public Speaking 3  
ENGL 1A + AS University-Parallel Reading and Composition + Support 6  
CSU Area E Lifelong Learning  

Total Units: 12

Semester 2

Course Number Course Title Units Notes
CMST 20 Interpersonal Communication 3  
CSU Area B4 Mathematical Concepts 3-5  
POLS 1 American Government 3  
CMST 2, ENGL 1B or ENGL 1C Critical Thinking Major Requirement 4  
CSU C1 Arts 3  

Total Units: 16-18 

Semester 3

Course Number Course Title Units Notes
CMST 3 or 4 Argumentation/Debate or Group Communications 3  
CMST 5 Intercultural Communication 3  
CSU Area B2 Biological/Life Sciences 3  
CSU Area B3 Laboratory Activity 1  
CSU U.S. History Graduation Requirement See Counselor 3  
CSU Area C2 Arts 3  

Total Units: 16

Semester 4

Course Number Course Title Units Notes
CMST 7 or CMST 38 Major Requirement 3  
CSU Area B1 Physical Sciences 3  
CSU Area C1 or C2 Arts or Humanities 3  
Transferable Elective See Counselor 3  
Transferable Elective See Counselor 3  

Total Units: 15

Transfer Options

The program coursework you complete at City College will satisfy lower-division requirements for related majors at several colleges and universities. Start planning your transfer by exploring Communication Studies programs at the following institutions: 

  • San Francisco State University
  • University of San Francisco 
  • San Jose State University 

Have questions about transfer? Visit the Transfer Center for help, transfer information, and/or to speak with college representatives.