The lab is closed for 2020-2021. Ask your CMST instructor about how to access alternative support and tutoring services within the semester. We hope to reopen the Comm Lab in Fall 2021.

Get Help With Your Speeches Early and Often!

Visit the CCSF Communication Lab for support in researching, writing, and delivering speeches for an audience.

Services We Provide

The Communication Lab offers one-on-one tutoring, workshops and study groups. Visit anytime during our open hours to get help with the following:

  • selecting the right topic for the right speech
  • crafting a clear thesis statement that fits the purpose of the speech
  • organizing and developing a speech outline
  • writing the most effective introductions and conclusions
  • creating and using visual aids
  • researching a speech topic
  • practicing all aspects of delivery from eye contact to the use of note cards


  • When you arrive, use your Student ID # to sign-in on the lab computer (required!)
  • Bring assignment sheets and outline instructions provided by your instructor
  • Appointments are not taken; all students are encouraged to drop-in
  • Drop-ins will be seen on a first-come, first-serve basis
  • Tutors do not proofread outlines for grammar; they address issues related to the speech writing process
  • You will be given verification of your attendance for your instructor