Hands-On Cooking Classes Designed for the Home Cook

Classes for Home Cooks

Offered through the CCSF Culinary Arts and Hospitality Studies Department, our hands-on cooking are open to the general public with no prerequisites, and are taught in the evening. These classes may be taken in any order, but beginning cooks should consider taking Intro to Food Prep (CAHS 245) first.


Intro to Food Prep (CAHS 245) 3 units

This introduction to hands-on food preparation focuses on working with ingredients and learning kitchen basics. The course includes information on nutrition, meal planning, shopping seasonally, storage and preservation of foods, along with kitchen safety and sanitation. Learn to cook delicious food at home and streamline your preparation.

Special Occasion Cooking (CAHS 246) 3 units

Learn how to plan and prepare a special event meal or party. This course will teach everything from menu planning to food selection, preparation and presentation. Students prepare and serve complete menus for special occasions, family celebrations and holidays. Wine and food pairings, specialty plating and table decorations will also be included.

Food and Culture (CAHS 247) 2 units

Explore food by way of history, geography and social customs. This class will explore, prepare and taste the foods from specific countries, as well as examine how specific ingredients are used throughout history and across cultures. Students will look at patterns as to how specific cuisines are prepared and discover the dominant ingredients of various countries and cuisines.

How to Enroll

Current CCSF Students

If you have taken a class at CCSF during the last two semesters, all you have to do is register for a class through your myRAM portal.

New Students

If this is your first-time taking a class at CCSF, first you need to complete the CCSF Online Application. After your application is processed, you can register in your new myRAM portal.