Supporting you for graduation and university transfer is what Metro is all about.  Our goal is to help you transfer in a timely manner and gain the skills you need to succeed in college and find a meaningful career.

Frequently Asked Questions

Metro is a supportive learning community for students who are coming to CCSF with the intent to transfer and might desire additional support. Scholars in the program are part of a cohort or learning community supporting each other every step of the way. Metro Scholars take required Metro classes with the program and also can complete key transfer requirements (English, Math, Communication, Critical Thinking) with their Metro colleagues. Scholars receive support embedded in their classes from Metro tutors and staff and also have access to the Metro Resource Room, academic counseling, mentoring and other great resources. 

Any future or current CCSF student can apply to Metro for either the fall or spring semesters. Admissions is ongoing and seats are available until filled. Metro scholars have the availability and commitment to attend college full time. 

If you want to participate in Metro, you can apply to Metro by filling out the online application.

Note: Completion of this Metro application is not a substitute for the completion of the CCSF application. Students must also complete the CCSF general application.

Metro supports students interested in ANY and ALL majors.

Metro supports students in transferring to any school of their choice. Metro Scholars have transferred to a range of CSU, UC, Private, and Out of State schools including:

San Francisco State University, San Jose State University, CSU Sacramento, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC Santa Cruz, University of San Francisco, USC (University of South California), Temple University, Columbia University, and many more.

Metro provides support for students at CCSF until they complete the transfer process. We like to say "Once Metro, always Metro". Metro Scholars generally complete the Metro courses in 2 years but support is provided until they begin their work at the 4 year-University. 

All Metro students are required to take the following courses with the program.

First Semester w/Metro  

(Fall or Spring)

IDST 50 College Success
 Fall of Second Year  IDST 37 Intro to Ethnic Studies
Spring of Second Year  POLS 1 American Government 

Metro Scholars also take the following courses with the program in the semester needed: ENGL 1A, ENGL 1AS, ENGL 1B, MATH 80, MATH 80S, MATH 90S, CMST 20 

Once students begin working with Metro, students meet with an academic counselor or advisor to create a full education plan.

Yes, many of our Metro Scholars are in additional support programs (like EOPS) and Metro at the same time. The criteria for being accepted into EOPS differs from Metro's. Visit the EOPS Website to learn more and to see if you are eligible to apply to EOPS.

Email us at or call us at 415-452-5237