Make-Up High School Credits

If you are missing credits to graduate from high school, then CCSF Credit Recovery is for you!

CCSF’s Transitional Studies Department offers credit recovery classes as a way for current high school students to get on track for graduation. You can take classes that you need in order to graduate, makeup courses you didn't pass the first time around, or retake a course to improve your grade.  And our classes are FREE for all students!

Overview of Credit Recovery Classes

We offer Math, English, History, and Science courses.

You will earn high school credit, but not college credit. (If you are already on track to graduate and are hoping to get a head start on college by earning college credits, see our Concurrent Enrollment page for more information).

Classes are offered in partnership with San Francisco Unified School District but are open to students from any California high school.

How to Enroll

New CCSF Students

If you are new to CCSF, you must apply to CCSF to receive a CCSF ID#. After applying, you will receive your ID# by email approximately 24-48 hours later.

Apply to CCSF   

For step-by-step instructions for applying, please visit our Credit Recovery video page.

Complete the Online Forms

Returning Students

If you already have a CCSF ID#, you do not need to reapply. Simply complete the Permission/Consent Form. You will be automatically registered into the courses listed on your form.

Complete the Online Forms

Upcoming Term

Spring 2023 classes will be offered in THREE formats: In-Person classes will be held at Burton and Mission High Schools and are open to all high school students. REMOTE classes are open to all (adults and high school students) and will be on the computer with live Zoom sessions at the specified times listed (Note: Sessions will be recorded for students who cannot regularly attend). ONLINE classes are open to all and will have no regular meeting times. Visit City Online for more information about accessing your online class.

Burton High School: 400 Mansell St, San Francisco, CA 94134

Mission High School: 3750 18th St, San Francisco, CA 94114 

Classes will run from 1/30-5/24/23.

Registration Information

  • Students can take a MAXIMUM of 4 classes - A Mon/Wed, and Tues/Thurs in-person or remote class, a Saturday class, and an online class.  (see table below).
  • Students will be registered into all of the CRNs listed on their consent forms. Please only list the courses you plan to take.
  • Please look for an email from your instructor(s) after you register.
  • Note: If you are not currently enrolled in SFUSD and wish to take a class at Burton or Mission High, please notify the high school office. 
CRN Subject Course Section Title Days Times Location Instructor
40624 TRST 3331 H02 Academic Reading and Writing 3 TR 5:10-7:45 pm Burton High Schott
41035 TRST 3422 H01 HS Algebra 1B TR 5:10-7:45 pm Burton High Mbolo
41036 TRST 3535 H02 Modern World History TR 5:10-7:45 pm Burton High Reed
40260 TRST 3331 H01 Academic Reading and Writing 3 MW 5:10-7:45 pm Mission High Schott
40231 TRST 3421 H01 HS Algebra 1A MW 5:10-7:45 pm Mission High Mbolo
41006 TRST 3535 H01 Modern World History MW 5:10-7:45 pm Mission High Rodriguez
40719 TRST 3332 H01 Grammar and Writing MW 5:10-7:45 pm Remote Van Meerbeek
40432 TRST 3334 H01 Discovering Literature MW 5:10-7:45 pm Remote McPeters
41034 TRST 3334 H02 Discovering Literature TR 5:10-7:45 pm Remote Crabtree
41004 TRST 3531 H01 HS U.S. History 1 TR 5:10-7:45 pm Remote Vaughn
40496 TRST 3423 H01 High School Geometry 1A Sat 8:10 am-2:20 pm Remote Mbolo
40167 TRST 2322 H01 Academic Reading/Writing 2.5 TBA   Online Galambos
40623 TRST 3331 H03 Academic Reading and Writing 3 TBA   Online McPeters
40998 TRST 3332 H02 Grammar and Writing TBA   Online Rosales-Uribe
40851 TRST 3335 H01 Exploring Literature TBA   Online Uribe McCannon
40269 TRST 3346 H01 Literature and Composition TBA   Online Vaughn
41000 TRST 3348 H01 Academic Writing 2 TBA   Online Gougoutas
40434 TRST 3421 H02 HS Algebra 1A TBA   Online Beard
41002 TRST 3422 H02 HS Algebra 1B TBA   Online Beard
40497 TRST 3532 H01 U.S. History 2 TBA   Online De Rosales
40722 TRST 3535 H03 Modern World History TBA   Online Rodriguez
41037 TRST 3537 931 H.S. United States History 3 TBA   Online Rodriguez
40856 TRST 3644 H01 Physics TBA   Online McNichol
41007 TRST 5036 931 HS English 1 TBA   Online Galambos
40423 TRST 5038 931 Intro to Academic Success TBA   Online Gougoutas