4 dice, each with letters R I S K

Contact Risk Services about uncertainty in operations and strategy, loss prevention and control, safety training, facility safety inspections, claims management, and insurance analysis and acquisition.

Risk Services coordinate workplace occupational safety and health designed to promote health and safety at work and help all District departments with compliance with workplace safety.

Risk Services also help to reduce the exposure to, and the financial impact of, losses to the District, its employees, students, and visitors, with proactive measures designed to reduce likelihood of unforeseen losses and thereby improve financial forecasting.

This Office procures and manages the District's property, liability, workers' compensation, fine art, and student accident insurance programs; responds and handles notices of claims; coordinates and offers employee safety training; conducts safety inspections; and escorts Cal/OSHA, OSHA and DPH representatives on their campus visits.

Accident, Incident, or Potential Hazard?