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Beginning July 1, 2020, along with offering thousands of professional development training videos and connecting us with colleagues across the state, the Vision Resource Center (VRC) is now also CCSF’s hub for registering and documenting all things FLEX. See below for new processes that pertain to you:

All employees will register for Flex morning plenary & workshops they want to attend via the VRC.

By registering for the plenary and workshops you want to attend, you’ll secure a seat, have documentation that you have registered and attended (via your VRC transcript), and obtain FLEX CREDITS.

It’ll be simple- either click the "VRC Link" on the Flex Day schedule OR sign into the VRC, find the Events Calendar to review the available events, then select a Register button for workshops you want to attend!

Review the VRC Master Guide for all things VRC (ref: "Register for PD Events & Workshops").

Reminder: On the VRC, you can easily access online professional development (thousands of eLearning modules from LinkedIn Learning and Skillsoft) and connect with other staff statewide through the Connect Communities forum. Furthermore, your welcome page will have PD information most relevant to you, and you'll be able to customize your recommended learning by selecting topics that most interest you! See the VRC Master Guide for step-by-step instructions and more information.

Faculty, all Flex Credits will be tracked and reported in the VRC (CRNs and myCCSF portal will no longer be used for Flex credits).

All-College Flex Days- Since everyone will be registering to attend workshops and the morning address, you'll receive your Flex credits once the host/workshop instructor marks your attendance (may involve completing a short evaluation first).

Independent Flex Credits- Simply complete the External Training form on the VRC. 

Please review and reference the CCSF VRC- Faculty Flex Credit FAQs for step-by-step instructions and more details.

Flex workshop presenters will track and submit their workshop's attendance, which will consequently credit attendees with Flex credits.

Presenters will also be able to print their sign-in sheet, mark the attendance in the VRC, and directly contact their registered attendees with any handouts or updates, including their workshop's status.

Please review the Workshop (ILT) Instructor's Guide for all of your capabilities and responsibilities as an ILT instructor!

All-College FLEX DAY


Monday, October 12, 2020


VIRTUAL! See schedule below for a direct Zoom link, or a link to register for workshops via the Vision Resource Center (VRC) where you'll be emailed the Zoom link.

2020-2021 Theme:

This year’s Building a Thriving ECO-system at CCSF theme is focused on three goals of CCSF’s Education Master Plan (EMP) 2018-2025: institutionalizing Equity, improving Communication, and improving Operation of the College. Its goals are equally important for the success of the College in meeting the needs of our students by assisting in further enhancing student achievement and providing additional innovation opportunities for all.


Remember to register for the all-college plenary and workshops via the Vision Resource Center (VRC)! Links and instructions provided on the schedule.

View the Fall Mid-semester 2020 Flex Day schedule.


Workshop Recordings:

Any workshop recordings can be found on our CCSF Connect Community on the VRC!
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