Highlighted Workshop(s) for this Month

Fiscal & Policy Webinar Series
Join members of the Institutional Supports & Success Office for monthly Fiscal & Policy Webinars.
Thu, Nov 10, 2022, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM PST
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Webinar: Accessibility Series: Student Experience & Universal Design for Learning
In this session, Jessica will offer a student’s perspective on accessibility.
Thu, Nov 10, 2022, 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM PST
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Representation Matters: How Racial Equity in Recruitment, Hiring and Retention of Black Faculty, Staff and Administrators Advances Equitable Outcomes in Student Achievement
This Chancellor's Office webinar will spotlight equity champions and tools, resources, and guidance for anti-racist hiring and retention.
Thursday, November 16, 2022
12:00-1:30 p.m. PT
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Vision Resource Center (VRC)

Since July 1, 2020, along with offering thousands of professional development training videos and connecting us with colleagues across the state, the Vision Resource Center (VRC) is now also CCSF’s hub for registering and documenting all things FLEX. See below for new processes that pertain to you:

All employees will register for Flex morning plenary & workshops they want to attend via the VRC.

By registering for the plenary and workshops you want to attend, you’ll secure a seat, have documentation that you have registered and attended (via your VRC transcript), and obtain FLEX CREDITS when the presenter/host marks attendance. It's simple- either click the "Register here" on the Flex Day schedule OR sign into the VRC, find the Events Calendar to review the available events, then select a Register button for workshops you want to attend!

Review the VRC Master Guide for all things VRC (ref: "Register for PD Events & Workshops").

Reminder: On the VRC, you can easily access online professional development (thousands of eLearning modules from LinkedIn Learning and Skillsoft), connect with other staff statewide through the Connect Communities forum, and view/register for available CCSF AND CCC events. Furthermore, your welcome page will have PD information most relevant to you, and you'll be able to customize your recommended learning by selecting topics that most interest you! See the VRC Master Guide for step-by-step instructions and more information.

Faculty, all Flex Credits will be tracked and reported in the VRC as of July 2020 (CRNs and myCCSF portal will no longer be used for Flex credits).

All-College Flex Days- Since everyone will be registering to attend workshops and the all-college plenary, you'll receive your Flex credits once the host/workshop instructor marks your attendance (may involve completing a short evaluation first).

Independent/Other Flex Credits- Simply complete the Flex credit form on the VRC.

Please review and reference the CCSF VRC- Faculty Flex Credit FAQs for step-by-step instructions and more details.

Flex workshop presenters can now complete and submit their workshop's attendance in the VRC, which will consequently credit attendees with Flex credits. Presenters are also able to print their sign-in sheet and email their registered attendees with any handouts or updates within the VRC system.

Please review the Workshop (ILT) Instructor's Guide for all of your capabilities and responsibilities as an ILT instructor!

All-College FLEX DAY -
Friday, January 13, 2023


Hybrid- Ocean campus with some virtual options

Theme & Strands - 2022-2023

Centering Students as We (Re)construct the Fabric of CCSF
Quilting is a process of gathering materials, noting relationships, and unifying separate pieces into something functional, imbued with memory, and formed by process. Students and employees of the college represent more than threads; we are pieces of the quilt, stitched together by the dialogues that help us reflect on how we best accomplish the goal of serving students and striving for more equitable outcomes for students. Dialogue and professional development is a starting point in envisioning how we thread the needle and pull ourselves together to develop relationships. Through these relationships and experiences, we can work together, to liberate our systems and structures to make space for meaningful work, collective reflections, and healing.

Five Flex strands were identified to support these efforts- all goals of CCSF’s Education Master Plan (EMP), which serves as the College’s long-range strategic blueprint for all institutional planning and program development from 2018-2025.

Its goals are equally important for the success of the College in meeting the needs of our students by assisting in further enhancing student achievement and providing additional innovation opportunities for all. 

  • STRENGTHEN CREDIT AND NONCREDIT PRORAMS (SCNCP): Our college planning and program review efforts help us improve and better serve students and the community. Comprehensive program review (CPR), which occurs on a three-year cycle, helps identify programmatic directions and improvements for planning and engages the entire community in discussion about how we are meeting the mission of the College. The CPR process during Fall 2022 requires us to be in thoughtful dialogue as draft reports are developed. Then the process continues into Spring 2023, using the reports that departments, programs, and services finalize in December 2022. Flex provides an important space for presentations and conversations about individual departments, programs, and services, and how they intersect.
  • IMPROVE THE STUDENT EXPERIENCE (ISE):  Improving the student experience means strengthening how we welcome, onboard, and connect students to campus resources, services, and support programs available to help them successfully meet their educational goals. It means taking a student-centered approach to improving awareness of the full range of available services and streamlining processes throughout students’ educational journeys. It also means creating, inviting and inclusive classroom environments, whether virtual or in person, and includes weaving in professional learning opportunities focused on equity-advancing, culturally competent/responsive promising practices.
  • INSTITUTIONALIZE EQUITY (IE):  Institutionalizing equity requires intentional incorporation of data-informed, evidence-based, anti-racist, equity advancing policies, and promising practices that are vital to providing students and employees from disproportionately impacted groups access to equitable support and resources needed to successfully complete their goals. Equity-minded workshops seek to transform our institution by creating professional learning opportunities for students, faculty, classified staff, and administrators that promote culturally responsive communication, race-conscious evaluation and design of institutional practices and systems, critical self-reflection, culturally relevant and inclusive pedagogy, and the diversification of recruitment, retention and hiring practices. Please reference the definitions.
  • IMPROVE COMMUNICATION (IC):  Promote respectful dialogue and communication knowledge, skills, and ability to apply effective strategies in different settings and with diverse populations. Train employees on college-adopted communication systems to foster accurate sharing of information with students and colleagues in ways that support students and sustain healthy communication climates. Promote active listening, seeking to understand various communication styles and languages, while offering positive and constructive dialogue and feedback.
  • IMPROVE OPERATION OF THE COLLEGE (IOC): By sharing knowledge of our internal processes, policies, and services, and training our employees, we fulfill our commitments by displaying accountability and responsibility, and creating positive experiences for all our students and colleagues.  Therefore, keeping colleagues and students up to date on operational changes that may impact employee and student success.


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As usual, remember to register for the all-college plenary and workshops via the Vision Resource Center (VRC)!

Workshop Recordings

Any available workshop recordings from previous Flex Days (beginning AY20-21) can be found on our CCSF Connect Community on the VRC!
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2022-23 Flex Dates:

  • Monday, August 15, 2022- Fall Independent Flex Day
  • Tuesday, August 16, 2022 - Fall All College Flex Day
  • Monday, October 10, 2022-  Fall Mid-semester All-College Flex Day
  • Thursday, January 12, 2023 - Spring Independent Flex Day
  • Friday, January 13, 2023 - Spring All-College Flex Day
  • Tuesday, March 7, 2023- Spring Mid-semester All-College Flex Day