Guardian Scholars Program Eligibility

You are eligible for the Guardian Scholars Program if you meet the following requirements:

  • Complete the steps to apply and enroll at CCSF
  • Highly motivated former foster youth that was in care for one full year and 18 -25 at time of initial application
  • Complete and submit CCSF Admission Application with the Admissions & Records Office
  • Must apply for financial aid by completing the FAFSA online
  • Be classified as a California Resident by CCSF Admissions & Records Office
  • Complete Guardian Scholars Application and Orientation process
  • Ability to provide "Ward of the Court" or "Out of Home Placement " verification letter or relevant Foster Youth verification which notes the applicant was in care for at least 6 month.

Application Deadlines

CCSF Guardian Scholars is an open enrollment program. Students may be in the program for a maximum of 6 semesters (Fall & Spring)

How to Join the Guardian Scholars Program

Complete the steps below to join the Guardian Scholars Program! The CCSF Guardian Scholars program accepts applications on a rolling basis throughout the school year. Access to services are not guaranteed until all application steps are completed.

Apply to and Enroll at CCSF
Complete the 5 new student steps to become a current CCSF student.
If you are new to CCSF, you must first complete the necessary steps to become a CCSF student.
Request Foster Youth Verification
Submit a foster youth verification letter stating the applicant was in a placement for at least one full year.
The verification letter can be requested from a Social Worker, AB12 staff, Probation Officer or by calling the CA Foster Care Ombudsperson: 1 (877) 846 -1602.
Read & Complete Guardian Scholars Application
Attend Guardian Scholars Program Orientation
Bring required documents to the orientation
During the orientation, we will review participant requirements, introduce you to services available through the program and discuss campus services to attain your educational goals.

Requirements to Maintain Eligible

To remain in the Guardian Scholars Program the following must be met:

  • Four Academic Counseling appointments for both Fall and Spring semesters
  • Maintain at least 9 units each semester (6 units for students enrolled in DSPS)
  • Maintain continuous enrollment at CCSF (re-application will be required if gone from CCSF for 2 semesters)
  • Be receptive to staff monitoring academic performance and student records
  • Abide by all CCSF student standards for appropriate conduct and community behavior