We have a team of nurse practitioners who offer a broad spectrum of services that include:

  • In-person and telemedicine nurse practitioner appointments 
  • Sexual and Reproductive Health (including free condoms, STI testing and treatment, pregnancy testing, birth control, pap smears, and urinary/ gynecologic/menstrual concerns)
  • Taking the person's history and performing a physical exam
  • Ordering low-cost laboratory services 
  • Performing certain procedures (e.g. IUD and Implant insertions/removals, wart removal) 
  • Diagnosis and treatment of common illnesses  
  • Writing prescriptions  
  • Coordinating referrals to Primary Care and Specialists 
  • Providing education on disease prevention and healthy lifestyles 
  • Assistance navigating healthcare system 
  • Nutritional Counseling 
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Substance Use Counseling and Naloxone Prescriptions 
  • Injuries/First aid 
  • Selected immunizations (Influenza, HPV, MMR, Tdap, Hep B) 
  • Vision/Dental Referrals 
  • Tuberculosis Screening
Additional Information

Screening services for Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) are available at a reduced rate or at no cost if a student qualifies for the Family PACT Program and meets the criteria for screening.

Other STD Testing Sites:

Student Health Services offers physicals for programs that approve of the use of our own form. The providers DO NOT fill out or complete any forms other than our own. Be sure to check with your program/organization to make sure they will accept our form. It is attached below for reference.

Price: $60


  1. Make an appointment with a provider for a consult (this will not be the physical)
  2. Upon meeting with a provider an 'order slip' will be given to go pay for the physical and a second appointment will be made for the physical.
  3. All payments are made at Conlan E104 and require an order slip from a provider.
  4. Arrive at your physical appointment with your payment slip - marked 'paid' and complete the process. Your form will be given at the end of your visit. 

Student Health Services does not offer vision and dental care other than basic screening. There are, however, vision and dental resources located throughout the San Francisco Bay Area that provide free to low-cost services. The cost of services varies, please contact clinics for more information.

We have vision referrals to providers who are willing to give special prices for City College Students. Please come to the Student Health Center with your current CCSF ID and get your referral today.