City College of San Francisco Student Health Services promotes student success and the wellbeing of the whole student: physically, mentally, and socially. Student Health Services strives to provide high-quality, accessible, and culturally responsive health care.

Health Fee

Student Health Services is supported by the student health fee of $20/Semester and $16/Summer, charged to all credit students at the time of registration. Visits to the clinic are free. Please note that additional charges for immunizations, lab services, and/or diagnostic tests may apply.

Our Team

  • Amy Coffey - Dean of Student Engagement & Wellness     
  • Jane Ernstthal, RN, MS, FNP-BC - Department Chair

Classified Staff

  • Chris Brodie   
  • Eri Ikeda, MEA
  • Maria Amador
  • Margaret Mendiola
  • Michael Snider, MEA, EMT-B
  • George Martiniano Jr.

Nurse Practitioners

  • Jane Ernstthal, RN, MS, FNP-BC
    Bio: Started off as an Emergency Room Nurse in 2005, then returned to school to become a Nurse Practitioner. I have been an NP since 2008 and worked many years at UC Berkeley Tang Student Health Center, Skyline College Student Health, Planned Parenthood, and continues to work at City Clinic SFDPH STI Prevention and Control Clinic,
    Area of expertise/interest: Reproductive Health, Sexual Health, Adolescent Medicine, Global Health
    Languages spoken: English & Spanish
  • Julie Ososke, RN, MS, FNP-BC
    Bio: I became a Registered Nurse in 2006 and have worked as a Nurse Practitioner since 2008. While studying to be a Nurse Practitioner, I worked as a Triage Nurse at La Clinica de la Raza's Teen and Fruitvale clinics in Oakland. Before working at CCSF, I worked for 6 years as a primary care provider in San Francisco. I also worked part-time at Skyline College Student Health.
    Area of expertise/interest: Reproductive and Sexual Health, Asthma, Smoking Cessation, Transgender medicine
    Languages spoken: English, Spanish & Italian
  • Michelle Luttrell, RN, ANP-BC
    Bio: I started my nursing career on a med-surge unit at the Hospital of U Penn. I moved into home hospice and went back to school to get my MSN. After finishing my MSN I worked with migrant farmworkers in rural PA. Then, I moved back to my home state of CA and worked with the un- and under-insured in Santa Clara County for 6 years. I now work at Sutter outpatient primary care and CCSF Student Health and love both.
    Area of expertise/interest: Reproductive Health, Sexual Health, Adolescent Medicine, Global Health
    Languages spoken: English & Spanish


  • Felicia King, LCSW
    Bio: I have been a social worker in many settings including the Veterans Administration, an outpatient substance abuse agency, a domestic violence agency, an eating disorder support, and prevention organization, and many local community colleges. I enjoy working with students on whatever is getting in the way of their personal/educational goals!
    Area of expertise/interest: Relationships, self-care, adult children of alcoholics, disordered eating/body image issues
    Languages spoken: English
  • Sandy Vaughn, LCSW
    Bio: Connecting with clients in an authentic, heartfelt way is integral to my work. I have 15+ years of experience working collaboratively with clients dealing with anxiety, depression, childhood trauma, and relationship issues. My approach is strengths-based, collaborative, and trauma-informed. Though we have a short-term model here at the clinic, I have found we can get quite a bit accomplished in this time as well as help you transition to any next steps.
    Area of expertise/interest: Trauma and PTSD, anxiety, depression, GLBTQI issues, and many, many others
    Languages spoken: English
  • Marielle Ferreboeuf, LCSW
    Bio: I have provided mental health care to students and families in San Francisco for over 15 years. As CCSF alumni, I am passionate about providing support to students at CCSF so that they may succeed in their educational endeavors. I help clients with anxiety, depression, post-traumatic healing, identity exploration, and relationship issues. I offer a safe space for clients to explore different aspects of their lives so that they may tap into their inner wisdom.
    Area of expertise/interest: Anxiety, depression, relationship issues, post-traumatic healing, identity, and many other areas.
    Languages spoken: English
  • Jody Friedman, LCSW
  • Sam Edwards, LCSW
  • Vanessa de Brer, LCSW
  • Dina Redman, MPH, Ph.D., LCSW

Physician Director Consultant

  • Susan George, MD