CCSF Dream Scholarship is open to all undocumented students regardless of AB 540, CA Dream Act, or DACA status. The application open every spring semester and students can apply through scholarship universe.

Scholarship Eligibility:

  • be an active eligible City DREAM student
  • have completed 12 units
  • be enrolled in a minimum of 6 units at CCSF 
  • minimum GPA 2.0
  • be enrolled in a program leading to an AA, AS, certificate, transfer or completion of a vocational or technical program

For any question about CCSF's Dream Scholarship contact Jacqueline Yanez Martinez at

Donate to CCSF's Dream Scholarship

CCSF's Dream Scholarship is dependent of donations. If you are interested in making a one-time donation please follow these steps:

  1. Go to CCSF Foundation Website
  2. Add an Amount
  3. Select "City DREAM" in the Direct My Gift to: section
  4. Complete the form with your personal information and DONATE