EOPS is designed to provide academic and support services to students who are financially and educationally disadvantaged. Students' acceptance into EOPS means that you agree to work cooperatively and mutually with the program to attain your educational, as well as career, goals.


You remain eligible for EOPS for six (6) consecutive semesters or until 70 degree-applicable units are completed, whichever comes first, as long as you comply with the following requirements:

EOPS Orientation

Applicants who are determined eligible are required to attend a new EOPS student orientation by invitation only. Services such as book voucher will be provided after you have completed the admission process steps.

Unit Requirement

EOPS students are required to enroll in 12 or more units each semester and must consult with your EOPS counselor before you add/drop units. Unit enrollment exceptions are available for DSPS students.

Academic Progress

EOPS students are required to make academic progress toward achieving an educational goal by completing a minimum of 12 units each semester with a minimum grade point average of 2.00 in order to graduate from City College, transfer to a four-year college/university, or be awarded a Certificate.

Academic Counseling

EOPS students are required to meet with their assigned EOPS counselor to develop a Student Educational Plan (SEP) during your first month in EOPS. In addition, EOPS students are required to meet with their EOPS counselor three (3) times each semester during Fall and Spring.

EOPS Probation

Students who complete their first semester in EOPS with a cumulative grade point average BELOW 2.0 will be placed on CCSF academic probation. EOPS students on academic probation will enroll only in those courses mutually agreed upon with their EOPS counselor, and that their cumulative grade point average must improve within two(2) consecutive semesters. Failure to meet and comply with this policy may result in disqualification from EOPS.


EOPS students are required to regularly attend each course in which you are enrolled. If you have an emergency that will keep you out of class for an extended period, it is your responsibility to contact the instructor(s). If the period of absence will be longer than the instructor permits, you are to contact the EOPS counselor for feedback.

As an EOPS student, you are to make an appointment with your EOPS counselor if you wish to request an EOPS Leave of Absence for one semester. EOPS students who are absent for more than one semester are required to re-establish their EOPS eligibility by completing and submitting a new EOPS application, and California College Promise Grant application.