About American Studies

American Studies is the next growth area in the Social Sciences Department at City College. American Studies is a field that is interdisciplinary between the social sciences, combining history, economics, politics, and more, including humanities. Our first course is Comics, Power, and Society (AMS 5) which is an introduction to the social sciences and American Studies through comic books and graphic novels. It meets both Social Science and Humanities requirements. We hope to grow this program once resources return.

American Studies uses social science methodologies but likes to jump around the different disciplines, all within the topic area of the United States, its people and its culture. Most universities offer an American Studies major or minor.

If you are considering transferring to a 4-year college to complete an American Studies major or minor, you can take a variety of majors here at City College. Here are some America-focused classes we recommend:

Social Science Classes:

  • AMS 5 Comics, Power, and Society
  • POLS 1 American Government
  • POLS 12 Ethnic Politics in the United States
  • HIST 1 The United States Since 1900
  • HIST 9 Immigrants in US History
  • HIST 12A US Women's History through 1880s
  • HIST 12B  US Women's History since 1890
  • HIST 17A US History to 1877
  • HIST 17B The United States
  • HIST 40 History of California
  • HIST 41A African-American History to the Civil War
  • HIST 41B African-American History from the Reconstruction
  • HIST 49 History of San Francisco
  • ECON 30 Economics of the African-American Community
  • ADMJ 57 Introduction to the Administration of Justice
  • ANTH 3C Intro to Cultural Anthropology: Focus on American Cultures
  • (Many Ethnic Studies classes may also be of interest.)

Humanities classes:

  • AMS 5 Comics, Power, and Society
  • ART 107 African-American Art History
  • ART 118 American Art
  • ENGL 30A American Literature to the Civil War
  • ENGL 30B American Literature 1965-Present
  • MUS 23 History of Jazz
  • MUS 26 Music in American Culture
  • MUS 27 History of Rock and Popular Music

Physical Education classes:

  • DANC 32 Black Traditions in American Dance
  • DANC 138A Beginning Hip Hop Dance
  • DANC 150A Beginning Swing Dance
  • DANC 151A Beginning Lindy Hop
  • PE 41 Appreciation and Analysis of Baseball
  • PE 42 Appreciation and Analysis of Basketball
  • PE 43 Appreciation and Analysis of Football