EOPS Counseling

On an individual basis, EOPS counselors assist students in developing academic programs and making long range education and career plans.

Personal counseling services are also available to help students adjust to college life.

EOPS counselors work with EOPS students to:

  • Develop an outline of courses needed to achieve students' educational and/or career goals;
  • Find the right combination of courses to fit students' need and skills level;
  • Ensure that students are on track to meet CCSF graduation and certification requirements as well as admission and transfer to baccalaureate institutions and/or professional schools.

 EOPS Academic Counselor

Raymond Fong,    EOPS, Room #107,    239-3496

Scott Lau,           EOPS, Room #106,     239-3214

Cindy Mata,         EOPS, Room #117,     239-3846

Mabel Michelucci, EOPS,   Room, #116,  239-3946

 Adolfo Velasequez,  EOPS, Room, #122,  239-3610

             Carols Romero,  EOPS,     Room #115,   452-5532