How to Order Furniture

Dewey bench

How to Order Furniture (as of 4/13/18)

Office Furniture Suites:

Most office panel systems are custom-built. As a result, the process is complicated, and lengthy. On the average it takes 19 weeks from identifying a need for an office suite, to installation on site. Custom orders generally cannot be canceled or changed once placed without significant charges. Typically once you decide on a brand, a local dealer will work with you on design and scheduling installation. It’s best to use existing contracts.

A committee composed of representatives from Facilities Planning, Purchasing, and the campus Deans met to streamline this process. Preferred office furniture suppliers include:


AllSteel: Randy Hershkowitz 415 362-5595

Haworth: Bernice Brown 818 612-7959 or Jenny Heinrich

KI: Janet Yanda 415-317-0795

Steelcase: Pasha Filippov 415 912- 9701 or Jami Moyer, Steelcase 310 930-9818


Ergo chairs: Ergo Comfort West/Office Master : Model PA55

Conference/side chairs: Haworth: Very (in MUB Rm 140), X-99 (in CNB); KI Altus; EC West: OM5

Computer lab chairs: Steelcase Cachet (as in MUB and CNB) 

Most manufacturers and dealers provide product, design and installation assistance. However, hooking the panels up to electric service must be done by an electrician (not the vendor). The District Electrician should be there to help with existing building issues (call Buildings/Grounds). Suggested electricians include:

Al Mesita
Crown Electric, Inc.
85 Columbia Square
San Francisco  CA  94103
Phone: 415-621-7756 Fax: 415-621-7779

Jim Kaufman
EJ Weber Electric
1050 Marin Ave
San Francisco  CA  94124
Phone: 641-9300 Fax: 641-9304

La'Moyne Addleman
Mark Olson Electric
1385 Donner Ave
San Francisco  CA  94124
Phone: 822-3508 Fax: 822-5879

In addition, the installation of office partitions usually requires recabling of the voice/data.   ITS looks after the voice/data cabling. Departments need to contact ITS to evaluate data cabling needs, and if new cabling is required, budget for an outside contractor to do the cable. Contact Wendy Pinos for more information.


Costs for electrical hook up and required data cabling are the responsibility of the department, so be sure to budget for it.

Coordinating large projects should be routed to a project manager from Facilities and Planning, well in advance of installation. Changes made the day of installation will incur additional costs and delays.

There are legal (CAL 117, ADA, prevailing wage, DIR) and college standards (sustainability).

The area where the installation will occur must be accessible to installers during normal business hours. Contract pricing does not include nights or weekends.

All old furniture must be cleared from the area. Some moving assistance may be available from Buildings and Grounds, if scheduled in advance via a Work Order. Otherwise, movers should be scheduled and paid for separately from departmental funds.


In March 2018 quotes for moving and related services were solicited. A pre-screened moving company was created, with firm prices and pre-approved qualifications, for CCSF use. By using the vendor below, NO BIDDING is required.

Contract: a period of 1 fiscal year with 2 one-year options to renew contract. Contact Eric Brainard in Purchasing for more information.

To use these vendors: Initiate a requisition for a purchase order or term purchase agreement. Site RFP#080 in Document Text on requisition. Call for an estimate.


Jobs may include

·  Packing equipment and furniture in college classrooms for relocation to another building on campus

·  Providing cartons to offices and buildings for small moves, delivering cartons to location

·  Short notice moves, typically during construction

·  Installation and assembly of office panel systems, furniture, and other items

·  Installation of temporary floors and curtains for special events

·  Pick up and delivery of office documents to storage

·  Complete full-service packing, disassembly, moving, and reassembly of entire office, including project management of move

·  All movers offer cartons

Crown Moving and Storage, San Leandro. Phone: 888 876 1107
Peter Vargus
References said responsive to last minute changes, and they’d use this small firm again. Note: they add travel time to your quote

BACK UP: Cor-O-Van Moving and Storage, San Francisco. Phone: 415 934-1600 or 510-828-9141
Laura Engen
Good pre-move planning, responsive to last minute needs. Monitor charges- may vary from agreement. Did MUB move in 2010.

Ergonomic Chairs:

Ergonomic chairs must be height adjustable and provide good lower back support. Vendors:

Ergo Comfort West/Office Master chairs: : Model PA55 or OM5. Carrries a broad line of chairs for office and classroom use. Fitting assistance and advice offered. Fair pricing. 805-931-0572. Samples available in Purchasing.

Office Depot

Virco (US Comm contract): Model #4301 approx. $230. 

Patrick and Co (City Contract): contact them for Hon, Eck Adams brands

Classroom Furniture:

The District through Buildings and Grounds provides most classroom desks. The main vendor is:

Stanley Ram 800.448.4726 ext. 113 fax 800.258.7367

There is an exiting furniture (US Communities) contract which provides hefty discounts. Delivery options: tailgate, inside delivery and delivered/installed. Virco also offers a recycle/take back program. Contact Purchasing for a price list.

Suggested models/styles:

Tablet arm chairs: #3700BR in navy

2 person tables (as in MUB) 60”w: Text #TS20607ADJ or Plateau #PT246029C2

Computer chairs: #4300/4301, Sage #SGTASK18P

Computer labs:  Plateau series tables, lecterns, multi-media carts

Secondary vendors:

Anthro Carts: 25% educational discount. Mike Graham  800-325-3841

Bretford Carts: Available from several vendors, including Troxell

Chalkboards, Whiteboards: ABC School Equipment. or Cindy Crux 951-817-2216. FCCC contract vendor, will measure and install, uses union labor. No bidding required for small jobs.

Dewey/izzy: lecterns and benches (as in MUB), sold through Resource and Design.

General Furniture Needs:

First, contact Buildings and Grounds determine if the college has furniture available in storage to meet your needs. If not, it’s time to investigate new furniture.

As the college is a public building, furniture has to meet strict fire safety codes (CAL 117), ADA access requirements as well as LEED sustainability and wearability standards for use on campus. Therefore, the college cannot buy from many retailers or catalog companies from outside the state. Some preferred vendors include:

Office Depot (see website): sit/stand desks, ergonomic solutions

Anthro Carts: A/V carts

Contract Office Group: Haworth office and lounge furniture

EC West: ergo chairs and stools for office and classroom

The Corner Office: office cubicles

Hon file cabinets: Rusco, Office Depot, Viking


KI: office and classroom

One Workplace: Steelcase office cubicles

Troxell: A/V, smart classrooms, Bretford carts

Unisource Solutions: office cubicles

Virco: classroom and cafeteria furniture

IKEA and Costco: Both firms have nice designs for home use, but the materials are not appropriate for school use. Most items require assembly and do not meet CAL 117 flammability standards. In addition, they do not accept purchase orders, and don’t provide assembly. Delivery is an issue. All services must be paid for in advance. For these reasons, IKEA and Costco are not approved furniture providers for CCSF. 


Most furniture now ships unassembled. Assembly must be arranged separately. Buildings and Grounds will not assemble furniture for you. Vendors for assembly include:

Doubleday Office Services, Tom Ringelmann  (large jobs only)
Phone: 650 872-6600 X107 Fax: 650 872-1692

Needs a min. of a week notice, 4 hr. min. charge. Will do assembly: provide instructions from manufacturer so they can accurately quote price. Will also bolt shelves to the wall and do bracing. Process quote via requisition into a PO. Once you have a PO, call to schedule date.

Unisource Solutions, Susan Wigley, Mike Thomas
Phone: 510 475 2024
Specialists in office cubicle tear down/reassemble and space planning.

TDI/Paul Olney 510-661-2400

365 Furniture Assembly (415) 699-4556 365 Furniture Assembly

Note: most moving companies will do assembly, but per hour charges add up.


All flooring upgrades should include removal/disposal of old carpet, minor floor repair, and installation of new base and carpet or linoleum. Such projects should be coordinated with furniture moving or delivery. Be advised flooring quotes do not include furniture moving.  Commercial carpet, unlike residential carpet, does not typically use padding. Major projects should be coordinated with Facilities Planning.

Shaw Contract, Cynthea, 800-424-7429

Floorcraft, Dennis K., 415-824-4058

Disposal of Old Furniture and Appliances

The disposal of school assets is covered under state and local law. First, ask around to see if another department can use your cast-offs. Try email and City Notes. Next, inquire if Buildings/Grounds can take to warehouse storage (very limited). If not, complete a “Recommendation to Dispose of District Property” form, available from the Office of the Vice Chancellor of Administration and Finance. This form must be approved by the Board of Trustees before any item can be sold, donated, destroyed or recycled. Allow one month. If approved, you will be notified of the action to take. Surplus items may be auctioned with Bay City Surplus

If the item has a SFCCD Asset tag on it, you must notify the Controller of the tag number.

Appliances Computers, Furniture: 1st, contact CCSF Recycling X3337 or . 

Computers,Monitors, A/V:: Computers and printers cannot be thrown in the trash as they are considered hazardous waste. e sure to scrub your hard drive before disposal.

If the Recycling Department is unable to assist you:

1-800-GOT_JUNK or 800-468-5865 #2.

There is a cost for this service: $696 full truck, up. They will accept a purchase order number when you call for a pick-up. BE ADVISED: per CCSF policy AP 7.33 you cannot schedule a pick-up until the BOT approves the disposal of the items. Also, if items were purchased with grant (restricted) funds, you must obtain permission from the funder as well before moving or disposing of their assets. Obtain a report of Solid Waste from them and forward to Recycling.

The objective is to reuse, donate or recycle before throwing out any property.