How to Order Business Cards

Revised August 2018

Bayside Printed Products

430 North Canal Street, Unit 9

South San Francisco, CA 94080-4665


Phone: 800-728-0665


Business Cards are provided by Bayside Printed Products, via a template on their website. Complete the order form, then Purchasing will encumber funds for you, this order method is similar to that used for Office Depot. No need to enter an online requisition in BANNER. You will need to provide a FOAPAL, and can use your initials as the PO number (Purchasing will change this once they enter the encumbrance in Banner).

Cost is $29.95 per box of 500 cards, $16.36 per box if ordering 2 or more of the same card. Please indicate horizontal/round seal, vertical/round seal or vertical/square logo (total comes to around $45 to $50 with shipping). You may order Chinese translations for $106.50 and Spanish translations for $80.50 a box of 250, as well as special Diego Rivera mural backs, for an upcharge.

Shipping/handling is approximately $12.75 to $14.76 and tax of 8.50% (tax will reflect the current sales tax). Overnight shipping is available, for an additional charge.  (Please do not ship to residential addresses).

Delivery is usually within 2 weeks, as they are printed in batch.

Outside employment information is not allowed on CCSF business cards. There are eight (8) Business Cards Templates that you can choose from according to your needs. Be Aware that any changes to the template will incur extra charges.


1.      Log into:

2.      Leave Company name blank

3.      Enter user name: :

4.      Enter Password: citycollege

5.     You will then need to enter a  valid email address, your information and create a personal password

6.      On the next page, you can select another Ship To address in case  the one associated with you is incorrect. Cost centers Ship to locations.

By selecting Business Cards in the left-hand tool bar, you can see examples of the different cards.


Once each semester the Graphics Communications Department also prints business cards, as a class project. Order forms are found in City Currents. Payment is required in advance, approximately $20. This is separate from the above process.  

Bayside Printing and the CCSF Graphics Department do not personalize cards with special logos or formats. Those cards require a set-up charge and original artwork, not available for the above discounted prices. NOTE: Gold seal cards are only for the Chancellor and Board of Trustees, per the Vice Chancellor of Finance and Administration. Do not contract with individual print shops for business cards.