The Biology Dept Storeroom is located in Room 306 of the Science Building

Storeroom Policies

Updated Policies for instructors (March 8 2013)

1. Leave the prep sheet on the cart. That way if a stray cart shows up out of nowhere I know who to ask about it. This is especially true for when you have not asked for a waste container and just grabbed one. I can them figure out what is in the waste container for what is on the prep.

2. When placing a 'Save' card on a cart please place it on the prep sheet and put the date that you want to reuse it on the prep sheet in very large writing.

3. If you are saving a cart please send it back in a neat condition with the prep sheet, date and 'Save' card on the top, not buried under all the other 'stuff'.

4. When you have put a 'Take Down' card on a cart. please do not leave it just inside the storeroom door. Please wheel it around and put it near the sink. We have been missing take downs due to them being placed back into a slot in line to be picked up.




1.  Orders must be placed a minimum of ten working days before you need them

2.  No students, except labaids allowed in the storeroom. This is a health and safety issue.

3.  The storeroom will only loan out lab coats to instructors. Students coming to the storeroom to borrow lab coats will be tuned away. If an instructor requires students to wear a lab coat they must check them out of the storeroom.

4.  If an item or instruction is missing from a prep it will not be done. Please include quantity of items required and concentration of solutions.

5. If you receive something from another department, eg AV, without having the request go through the storeroom it is now your responsibility and you must take care of it.

6.    Report all breakages to the storeroom

7.    Preserved specimens that have been soaked cannot be kept unless refrigerated. If you wish to continue using them do not leave them on the cart. Let the storeroom staff know that you want to keep them.

8.    Carts and preps will be kept for a maximum of one week past the date of the lab. Due to space and equipment availabilities and requirements. Preps that were taken down due to being over a week will need to be resubmitted.

9.    The instructor is responsible to ensure that all items on carts are returned to the storeroom in good working order and complete.
10.    Large lab models will not be moved between classes this includes skeletons, torsos and microscopes due to frequent breakage.

11.    Please close the windows at the end of class to keep out rain and pigeons

12.    Order all DVD’s and CD’s from the lab manager by email three days before needed. List of these is on the J drive.

13.    Order all prepared microscope slides by number of box on your lab prep. List of these is on the J drive

14.    Lab practical slides should be placed in a slide box, available from the storeroom, and labeled for the class, instructor, and any other pertinent information. This is kept in the storeroom in case we need to use them to make up complete sets.

15.    J Drive has a list of all preps, administrator can only change the J Drive, Instructors can view use of items and schedule accordingly.

16.    Please check microscopes for slides and oil before replacing them in the scope cabinets after use.

17.    Disarticulated skeleton boxes are numbered and it is the instructor’s responsibility to ensure that all bones are in the correct boxes.