"How To":

Program Review - Biology Department

The Program Review process at City College of San Francisco is designed to assess the effectiveness of our programs. The College uses an evidence-based approach to determine the future needs and directions of the various departments and programs in ways that best serve our student population.

One method by which we gather evidence is by assessing student learning outcomes. This allows us to identify what resources are most needed to improve student learning.

We also solicit input from Biology Department Faculty and Staff to assist us in identifying areas of need for specific courses and programs. In order to facilitate participation from all faculty and staff in the department we have created a website devoted to our work in program review. It can be found at:

Biology Department Program Review

Biology Department Committees

All faculty are welcome to attend any and all committee meetings. Contact Committee chairs for planned meeting times/dates/locations.

Minutes are kept for all committee meetings. Contact committee chairs with requests for copies of archived meeting minutes.

  • Biology Resource Center:  Matthew Schweitzer
  • Information Technology: Chair: Joe Reyes
  • Pride of Space Chair: Joe Cannon
  • Animal Specimins Chair: Dean Lauritzen
  • Greenhouse Chair: Lisa Digirolamo