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Moog Synthesizer
Gregorian Chant notation


The City College Music Department offers a diverse, accredited program of courses that reflects its cosmopolitan setting. In addition to a traditional core curriculum in Western music, courses are offered in African, Latin American, Asian, African-American, and electronic music. These courses can provide the equivalent of the first two years of study at a four-year college, university, or conservatory, or they can be tailored to satisfy one's particular interests or needs.
The faculty is made up of professional performing musicians, composers, and distinguished specialists whose understanding of music allows them to provide a friendly, encouraging and inspiring atmosphere in which students may flourish and develop their skill.
Music department alums can be heard performing on local and international stages, or seen as successful students in upper division and graduate programs at colleges, conservatories, and universities throughout the country, and are found in every audience – from the opera house to jazz clubs, from the dancehall to the ballet.

No matter what your experience, hopes, or aspiration may be, CCSF music has something for you!


Our Mission

  • EXCELLENCE: Our faculty are some of the highest-caliber professionals in their fields
  • CREATIVITY: We provide one of the most diverse, multi-cultural music programs in the country
  • INSPIRATION: Our music students have gone on to become teachers, performers, composers and music industry leaders

Contact Us

Department Chair: Madeline Mueller ~ 415-239-3641 (

Department Secretary: Lynnette Warfield ~ 415-452-7244 (

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