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GED Certificate Program


With a GED, you'd be in Good Company: Comedian Bill Cosby, Olympic gold medallist Mary Lou Retton, former New Jersey Governor James J Florio, Dave Thomas founder of Wendy's are all GED recipients.

This program is open to adults who wish to study for the GED, a national examination. The test consists of five subtests: Language Arts Writing I and II, Language Arts Reading, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science. The GED certificate is recognized by schools, vocational training programs and employers as equivalent to the high school diploma.

To earn a GED Diploma, students must pass all five subtests with a minimum score of 410 points and a minimum total score of 2250 points.

Click here for CCSF GED testing information.

Additional GED Testing information may be found on the American Council on Education website, at:

GED Courses:

Individualized Learning Labs, Self-paced, Open-entry, & Multi-level Classes

Advanced classes in reading, writing, communication, mathematics, and critical thinking in specific High School subjects.