HiSet®  & GED® Certificate Program

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The High School Equivalency Test (HiSet®) exam is the new alternative to the GED® test. Passing this test demonstrates that you have achieved the academic knowledge and profeciency equivalent to those of a high school graduate.

The HiSet® exam includes the following five subtests, and the passing score on each subtest is 15:

  • Language Arts - Reading (65 minutes long)
  • Language Arts - Writing (120 minutes long)
  • Mathematics (90 minutes long)
  • Science (80 minutes long)
  • Social Studies (70 minutes long)

To learn more about the HiSet® exam, click HERE.



GED® is a national examination that consists of five subtests: Language Arts Writing I and II, Language Arts Reading, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science.

To earn a GED®  Diploma, students must pass all five subtests with a minimum score of 410 points and a minimum total score of 2,250 points.

Both the HiSet® & GED®  certificates are recognized by schools, vocational training programs, and employers as equivalent to the high school diploma.


 GED® & HiSet® (High School Equivalency Test) Courses: